110 Fitness To Co-Host Parkinson’s Disease Symposium

110 Fitness, in collaboration with St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center’s Department of Neurology will host a virtual Parkinson’s Disease Symposium for Veterans, First Responders and Caregivers Friday, June 19, from 8:30.a.m. to 12 p.m.

The second annual symposium, originally scheduled in March at Florian Hall in Dorchester, will now be hosted virtually on the 110 Fitness YouTube Channel. This virtual event is free and open to the public.

RSVP by June 18 by visiting semc-parkinsonsevent.eventbrite.com or by calling Keith J. Ciccone, nurse specialist, Department of Neurology, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center at 617-789-3320.

The symposium will focus on the connection between Parkinson’s Disease, military service, first responders and the frequency in which medical professionals are seeing veterans and first responders diagnosed with PD. Virtual attendees will be provided with information as well as resources available to help them live their best lives with Parkinson’s Disease.

Presentations will be given by prominent members in the Parkinson’s healthcare community as well as noteworthy members of the military. Attendees will hear from: Massachusetts Veterans Affairs Secretary Francisco Urena,  a veteran, United States Marine Corps; Dr. Okeanis Vaou,  movement disorder specialist and director of Movement Disorders and DBS at Steward Medical Group/St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center; 110 Fitness owner Brett Miller, a physical therapist and retired U.S. Army combat medic; Dr. Anna DePold Hohler, movement disorder specialist and chair of Steward Medical Group, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, and former major, Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, Wash.; clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Irene Piryatinsky, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center Affiliated Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic; and Chip Maury, retired U.S .Navy diver and parachutist.

The symposium is sponsored by Medtronic, Allergan, Acadia Pharmaceutical, Boston Scientific and GE Healthcare.

Brett Miller, owner of 110 Fitness, physical therapist, and retired U.S .Army combat medic,  is excited about the possibility of reaching and helping thousands more with Parkinson’s Disease across the country and world because of the new virtual platform.

“We have seen the research and data that shows these populations are at an increased risk of Parkinson’s Disease,” he noted. “We also see it every day at 110 Fitness as many of our members with Parkinson’s are veterans or worked as first responders for many years. We work closely with the Neurology Department at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center to ensure veterans, first responders and their caregivers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to fight back against Parkinson’s Disease.”

Anna Hohler, M.D., chair of the Neurology Department at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, and a former Army neurologist, provides care to numerous veterans and first responders with Parkinson’s Disease.

“Understanding the risk that these vets and first responders face from environmental toxins and trauma is crucial in mitigating their factors. We approach each patient in an individualized way to provide them with holistic care for their motor and non-motor symptoms.”

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