5 Steps to an Awesome Chalkboard Paint Wall

Distanced learning has become the new norm for parents all over the world in the year of 2020 and some of you may be asking “how can I make this more enjoyable for my children?” Don’t worry! We at Stewart Painting have a great idea to not only make learning fun but also easier for the hardworking parents as well, a chalkboard wall! But you may be asking yourself, I don’t have enough space for a big chalkboard to install in my homemade classroom, how can I possibly make this work? Luckily for all of us Sherwin Williams created a great product that allows you to actually paint the chalkboard directly to your walls. So here are 5 tips to an awesome chalkboard paint wall!
  1. Use the right products! Sherwin Williams created a product called Krylon Chalkboard Paint which can be easily rolled onto any interior walls, it does not need a special application other than having a roller tray/roller handle/ and a half inch roller cover to apply. Other recommended items would be a brush to back brush after applied, a drop cloth to protect your floors, and tape to create clean borders for your new learning area!
  1. Have a clear workspace! Make sure to set up a clean and clear workspace area where you are applying the product, move all furniture and other items out of the way so you can set up a dropcloth and have all your materials readily available.
  1. Get Creative! Kids love to make things fun and a good way to do that is to be creative in how you apply the paint. Use the border tape to create fun shapes for your wall, it could be a star or a circle or whatever else you and your family come up with.
  1. Paint Slowly! When applying the paint you want to roll the paint on slowly to the surface, if rolled too quickly you can have an “overspray” effect happen which is where little droplets of paint spray off of the roller and onto your hands and floors. Luckily you will have a dropcloth set up to avoid any major spray issues!
  1. Have fun! This can be a fun project for both yourself and your children, have them be a part of the process! It’s never too early to show your children how much fun painting can be!
Once the product is applied, allow it time to dry and put a second coat on to ensure full coverage. Make sure to roll the product on and back brush in between coats. Once both coats have dried pull off the tape and clean up your workspace. You will have an awesome chalkboard for both you and your children to enjoy!

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