5 Ways to Leverage Your Email Signature

Each time you email someone, old or new, you have the opportunity to stand out and leave a lasting impression with a polished email signature.

If you’re starting from scratch, here are some suggestions on what you could include.

The Basics
Less is more, so only include what you view as most important, including:
Name and title
Small logo
Phone number
Mission statement
Link out to your company initiative
Social media

1. Incorporate A Company Initiative

Pick a company initiative and link out to it from your email signature! Even one lead, such as calendar booking or connection is worth it! Also, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Change out your link as often as you deem appropriate. Here is some suggested verbiage to quickly engage your audience:

Social media Initiative? Ask your audience!
“Click here to help us reach 1,000 Followers on Facebook!”
“Let’s connect on LinkedIn!”
“Check out our newly launched TikTok account!”

Online scheduling initiative? Do you have an online calendar and want more people to use it?
Try this: “Book a virtual meeting with me!”

Newsletter initiative?
“Join our weekly newsletter with FREE resources!”
Be sure to include your email frequency; it’s best to be up front with the amount of emails they can expect to receive.

Charity or fund-raising initiative?
“Click here to remember xyz as your AmazonSmile charity!”
“Don’t miss our virtual wine tasting event supporting xyz charity!”

Promote a newly launched project or website?
“Visit our NEWLY LAUNCHED website!: www.xyz.com”

2. Incorporate Standard Closing Remarks

I was sick of re-typing “All the best, Meredith” over and over! I incorporated it into my signature, and it’s so much more efficient!

3. Incorporate a professional headshot

When I emailed professional speaker Matt Ward and saw his email signature with a headshot, I admired how professional it looked. I redesigned mine the next day! When you include a photo of yourself in your signature, you personalize the email. My hopes were that folks might be nicer over email when they are reminded they are emailing a person and not just typing on a computer.

Cape Plymouth Business Media Email SignitureMatt Ward 1

4. Give something away

People love free stuff, discounts and secrets. Check out these examples for how to incorporate a “giveaway” in your email signature:
“FREE 10-Minute Website Consultation – No strings attached”
“Click HERE for 10% off if you sign up for our newsletter!”
“Download our 3 secrets to financial freedom here!”

5. Incorporate emojis

Perhaps you can make your signature fun! Like Locario’s Tennis Center in Harwich:

locario tennis harwich

Make your signature a simple, one-column vertical format. Multiple column signatures can be buggy across different email programs and you want to be able to be easily edit your signature down the road.

I hope you have leveraged a few ideas from this article! Thanks for reading.

Meredith Flynn is COO Cape & Plymouth Business Media.