Alliance Chowder Initiative Serves Food Banks, Fishermen

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A new program launched by Cape Cod Fishermen’s Alliance is responding to food security challenges exacerbated by COVID-19 as well as continuing to support the region’s independent fishermen.

“Small Boats, Big Taste” is the brand name of a new haddock chowder that will be filleted in Brockton and sent to a chowder-making company in Lowell. The chowder will be packaged in 18-ounce containers, perfect for food banks and pantries that prefer wholesome food that does not require a lot of preparation.The first-year target is to deliver more than 100,000 pounds of chowder to the region’s food banks. The Alliance is also pursuing expansion into federal food distribution programs run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Alliance also plans to introduce the “Small Boats, Big Taste” brand into retail and wholesale markets, to build broad consumer interest and program sustainability. Other kinds of chowders, including quahog or oyster stew, could be added to the line based on the needs of local fishermen and the availability of product. Retail and wholesale revenue will allow chowder to continue to be distributed to food banks at minimal cost.

For 25 years years, the Alliance  has worked with small-scale, independent fishermen for a balanced ecosystem and sustainable fishing communities. The goals of the new program are to help independent fishermen stay on the water and supply food banks around the region and nation with a nutritious, delicious haddock chowder, serving a growing number of people who need a good, ready-to-serve meal.

According to the Alliance, smaller haddock are plentiful in local waters, but the species doesn’t command a strong price in the marketplace because the fillets are small. However, the smaller filets are perfect for haddock chowder.

With major philanthropic support now in place, the Fishermen’s Alliance will guarantee fishermen a fair price for landing haddock, ensuring a steady buyer and keeping independent fishermen at work.

The Alliance will manage all aspects of the program, in partnership with fishermen, distributors, processors and manufacturers. All net proceeds will be reinvested to strengthen and expand the initiative.

For more information, visit Cape Cod Fishermen’s Alliance website.

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