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Every business and organization needs marketing, first to launch their brand/business and then to continue to grow. Retaining customers and reaching new audiences is essential, but believe it or not, many small businesses don’t have the time or resources to market their business and marketing falls low on their priority list.

While marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade with digital marketing, social media and video, marketing remains a vital component of your business strategy to grow your brand and business.

At our inaugural Marketing Summit on April 13, four local industry leaders will discuss the latest marketing trends and tips to keep your business growing. Gain a better set of tools that you can implement for success. Preview our presenters in this issue’s cover story, “Savvy Social.”

Also inside: CARE for the Cape & Islands’ Jill Taladay; Sheldon Stewart on “Handyman Hotline;” advice from SCORE on how your business can create a culture of inclusion; and tax and investment tips to know if you’ve jumped on the bitcoin bandwagon.

As always, we appreciate your continued support!

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2022 April Jill TaladayMeet Jill Taaday – Executive Director

CARE for the Cape & Islands
Yarmouth Port

Why (and when) did you found CARE for the Cape & Islands??
was inspired while assisting with a Travelers’ Philanthropy Conference in Costa Rica in 2011 where a similar initiative in Monteverde had recently been launched. The program engaged visitors through the local business community that helped deepen their connection with the destination and support its preservation through volunteering, financial donations and sharing their expertise. I thought “why aren’t we doing this on Cape Cod?” and CARE was formed in 2012.

What have been some of your proudest accomplishments?
Bringing a diverse group of organizations together from 15 towns and two islands to collaborate through our Take Care Cape Cod program (TakeCareCapeCod.org). We’ve raised awareness on plastic pollution, litter and waste issues through seven bi-annual educational and solution-based summits to help drive behavior change. I’m also proud that we have been able to award more than $80,000 to fund 50-plus projects Cape and Islands-wide and activated 4,200-plus volunteer hours to benefit our community.

What are the challenges running a nonprofit?
Our greatest challenge is having the capacity/resources to accomplish our mission. There are so many things we wish to accomplish and there are many nonprofits on Cape Cod, all competing for the same funding and talent. It can be challenging to get attention in such a crowded environment, which is why part of our mission is to pull together like-minded organizations to collaborate, and increase our collective impact.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Seeing the results/impact of our work. Sometimes it’s an “aha” moment at one of our summits, in a classroom, or at a community event. Sometimes it’s seeing a restaurant or hotel realize how they can improve their sustainability, and sometimes it’s something simple, like a friend who excitedly tells me about changes they’ve made in their lifestyle to reduce their footprint.

Where would you like to take the organization next?
CARE would like to be recognized as the leader in sustainability for Cape Cod & the Islands through increased visibility and more participation in our stewardship program. We are working to expand our staff, board and volunteer base to achieve that. In 2022, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary by installing 10 water filling stations across the region, doubling the 10 we installed in our first 10 years. By the end of the year, these water filling stations will have displaced thousands of single-use plastic water bottles!

Do you have an interesting occupation or unique business? Contact carol@capeplymouthbusiness.com to be considered for this feature.


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2022 Savvy Social Banner

As a teenager, Ashley Mason had a fashion and lifestyle blog that resulted in brand partnerships.

“Society doesn’t exactly encourage you to start a business at a young age, so I thought that I had to go to college, get my degree, build up a successful 20+ year career at a big marketing agency, and then go off and start my own agency,” she notes on her website.

Mason started her business in 2019, when she was 19 and still a student at Stonehill College, founded on her belief that a social media-focused marketing strategy was a proven road to successfully launching and building a brand. Today, Dash of Social has a staff of six and more than 50 clients.

Not too long ago, promoting services or products was accomplished via advertising in newspapers, TV or radio and press releases sent to media outlets who’d ideally find your pitch a great story for their publication. As Mason’s business demonstrates, internet and social media drastically changed the marketing strategy for startups as well as established businesses. At the very least, today’s business must have a website. If you’re a restaurant, online ordering was a lifeline for many dining establishments during the pandemic shutdowns. And Facebook and Instagram are not just for posting your latest exploits and photos of your kids.

Social media, once considered a realm for friends keeping in touch with each other, was harnessed as an additional way to reach audiences for services and products in immediate and cost effective ways.

“Social media allows you to reach a much larger audience than you currently have and allows you to target your audience,” says Mason. “There’s a potential for referrals. It also builds your credibility and drives traffic to your website.”

Having a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, for example, isn’t a ticket to success. Your account can get hacked, or if you violate a social media platform’s rule of engagement, you can lose that account. It’s especially important for small enterprises to have separate accounts for business and personal. Keep business business.

ASHLEY’S TIP: Businesses tend to think they should be on every social media platform. It’s only important to focus where your target audience is; start small, consistency is better than constancy.

“It’s important to diversify, I tell clients,” says Mason.

Judy Crocker had a career in marketing and advertising, including for a radio station, which she left in 2019 to start her own business at the encouragement of clients. She built her business, Make It Known Marketing, after identifying a need for an outsourced CMO for small to medium-sized businesses.

“Most SMB owners are dividing marketing tasks among multiple employees or themselves and the job is just not getting done in an organized and consistent fashion,” Crocker says. “Most of these SMB owners could use an in-house marketing person, but the resources just aren’t there.

“I came up with the idea of being your Chief CMO, my company is more of a partner; meeting monthly to discuss strategy and deal with vendors; we make recommendations and we implement. We do everything an employee does, without the internal costs of payroll, taxes, etc.”

While her background in more traditional marketing strategy, she instantly realized the immediacy of the message through digital and social marketing and its lower cost.

“Digital marketing allows you to micro-target and target geographically. We have to make sure we’re still using traditional marketing.”

Sarah Jane Tolman calls herself an Instagram specialist but loves creating content for Youtube, Tiktok and even Pinterest. She founded Valoisa Media in 2021 after spending five years managing the content, marketing and social media branding for several highly successful women entrepreneurs.

“These fierce ladies inspired me to launch my own business, pandemic be damned!” she says on her website.

Her focus is growing women-owned brands through social media, especially through Instagram. Her clients include the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, brick and mortar businesses, real estate companies, personal trainers, and a sign company.

JUDY’S TIP: Ask yourself, what do you do well? Don’t tell me, “locally focused and operated.” Don’t give me a laundry list of what you offer. Drill down on that and determine what is your unique aspect.

“My Instagram audit is designed to evaluate the overall health of your socials,” she explains. “I take a deep dive into your account to identify the key components that will make your business socials a well-oiled, result-producing machine.”

She designs a tailored social strategy for clients including content, engagement, trends, insights, and growth.

“I think people underestimated the power of social media, that you can absolutely build a business on it,” Tolman says.

Instagram Reels, short videos posted on that platform, are a particular focus for her company.

“Video is a great tool; it’s a one-stop shop, it’s more immediate and people feel like they are part of something.”

Steven Hall would totally agree. The marketing company he founded in 2008, Craft Media, Inc. is a content marketing agency that works with brands that want to be better, visually. “

All of the professional photo and video is captured in-house, meaning we don’t subcontract out work and maintain creative control. We own a studio here in Plymouth where we capture commercial content for our clients. We serve clients from Asheville, N.C., to Dubai to right here in New England,” he notes.

Hall has a background in healthcare marketing, working as an Sales and Marketing Account Manager for a large hospital group.

“Just like many entrepreneurs, my side hustle quickly eclipsed my day job and Craft Media, Inc was born,” he says.

While social media has become a focus of marketing efforts these days, especially with start-ups, Hall says the way to grow a brand has not changed.

“The way to grow a brand at its core is the same as it always has been, your marketing needs to focus on the benefits of the product/service,” he explains. “Social media gives us more avenues to do this on. It is without a doubt essential for many businesses but that is largely dependent on your offering. You have little to lose telling your story on social … and a lot to gain.”

STEVE’S TIP: Make sure the product or service you are marketing is strong, and that you stand behind it. All great marketing is going to do is let the world know faster that your product or service is not up to par.

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