Award-winning journalist Doreen Leggett joins Fishermen's Alliance

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Doreen Leggett, an award-winning journalist with 20 years of experience telling the Cape’s stories, has joined the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance as a community journalist and communications officer.
“My goal is to tell the remarkable stories of fishermen on the Cape – their lives, their challenges, their perspectives — and show how they help define the character of the peninsula,” said Leggett.
“I grew up idolizing Rachel Carson, who wrote ‘Silent Spring’ and used the power of the written word to change the world,” she continued. “I believe that if we explain the problems we face as a community, if we tell the stories that matter, we can make everyone feel a responsibility not only to protect the rich fishing heritage of the peninsula, but make it as much a part of the future as it was of the past.”
“The narrative of the local fisheries,” said Fishermen’s Alliance CEO John Pappalardo, “is intertwined with everything that gives the Cape its sense of place, its intimate connection with the environment, history, and an economy built on the industriousness of families and neighbors. Doreen is passionate about that, which is why we’re very happy to have her onboard.”
“In my years as a journalist, I’ve seen the Fishermen’s Alliance fight important public policy battles and use fishermen’s knowledge to protect the natural world, livelihoods and the Cape community,” said Leggett.  “I hope not only to be a part of that, but share that important work with everyone who loves the Cape.”
Leggett will be responsible for creating profiles and features that showcase people in and around the local fisheries, exploring issues of importance, as well as overseeing all written communications for the Fishermen’s Alliance, working with other media, helping fishermen advocate in their own voices, and reporting on public meetings dealing with fisheries management and creating a balanced ecosystem.
She lives in Harwich with her two children and husband.
For more information about this and other Alliance issues, please contact Doreen at 508-945-2432, ext. 111, or

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