By The Numbers: Restaurant Industry

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The restaurant industry is typically booming on Cape Cod and the South Shore this time of year, especially with the influx of tourists. However, that will change dramatically now that state and federal restrictions are in place due to the COVID-19 virus.

Restaurants are going to be hit hard this season, with no patrons to come in and enjoy a meal. Many restaurants continue to offer take-out menus, delivery and even curbside service to stay afloat, but many others will suffer or even be forced to close as a result.

The National Restaurant Association made its 2020 projections last year, without realizing the astronomical changes the industry would suffer this season. The numbers below will change dramatically, without a doubt. Please continue to support your local restaurants as they face these challenges ahead.

1 million+ – The number of restaurant locations in the United States

 15.6 million – The approximate number of employees in the restaurant industry.

 1.6 million – The projected number of new restaurant jobs that will be created by 2030.

 9 in 10 – The number of restaurant managers who started in entry-level positions.

 8 in 10 – The number of restaurant owners who started their industry careers in entry-level positions.

 9 in 10 – The number of restaurants that employ fewer than 50 people.

 63 – The percentage of consumers who would rather spend on an experience than purchase an item.

 SOURCE: National Restaurant Association


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