Camp Wingate Kirkland Offers Hybrid ‘Pods’ For Young Learners

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Camp Wingate Kirkland, a co-ed overnight and day camp for children located in Yarmouth Port, has announced a new learning option for families struggling with remote learning due to the concerns and constraints imposed by COVID-19.

“The Camp W*K POD Squad offers educational support, emotional connection and childcare  — all  needed to ensure kids are safely supervised, learning and having fun,” explained Sandy Rubenstein, camp owner and director.

The POD Squad is being offered to children in grades 1 through 8.

In this hybrid model, pods are supervised learning groups of six children hosted at Camp Wingate*Kirkland.  Children follow the remote learning plan from their specific school. POD Leaders assist to keep students focused and engaged with synchronous learning as well as self-directed assignments, Rubenstein said. During downtime POD leaders will be running activities outside on the 40-acre property.

“Pod Squad leaders will keep kids safe, help them learn effectively and be in a fun and supportive environment – Camp W*K!”  Rubenstein added. “Hybrid learning models leave a massive gap for students in their academics, social- emotional needs and physical activity. Camp W*K POD Squad is located on a forty-acre property with indoor and outdoor facilities, dedicated staff, and a for-the-kids mindset. Camp W*K is the ideal solution to make the most out of remote learning.”

For more information contact Sandy Rubenstein at 508.362.3798 or


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