Cape Cod Biofuels Acquires Brodeur & Sons

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Cape Cod Biofuels announced that it has purchased New Bedford-based Brodeur & Sons Inc. Founded in 1921, Brodeur & Sons has been providing heating, air conditioning and HVAC services to the South Coast for nearly a decade.

With the acquisition, Cape Cod Biofuels will begin delivering its environmentally-friendly biofuel to Brodeur’s customers across the region.  Launched in 2008, Cape Cod Biofuels collects more than 1 million gallons of cooking oil annually from local restaurants and recycles it into biodiesel in their Sandwich-based production facility. That biodiesel is then delivered to residential homes and used to power commercial fleets. Cape Cod Biofuels is currently the only ASTM-certified producer of biodiesel in Massachusetts.

“We’re looking forward to continuing the tradition of excellence that the Brodeur family has built over the past 99 years,” said Andrew Davison, vice president of Cape Cod Biofuels.  “Their customers can expect nothing short of the reliability and exceptional service they’re accustomed to. We also look forward to expanding our offerings of fuel, HVAC services and plumbing to our vast network of restaurant partners.”

In residential heating settings, biofuel is blended with petroleum oil at a blend of 30 percent biofuel and 70 percent  ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ulsdho) fuel. No modifications are required to the system.

“Biofuel blends burn cleaner and more efficiently, and generally reduce maintenance costs associated with furnaces,” added Davison. “It’s good for the environment, good for the home and good for the wallet.”

In addition to providing fuel and HVAC services, the company will be adding a plumbing division capable of providing residential services and large commercial installations.  Robert Sullivan has been named CEO of the company.  A Master Plumber, Sullivan has been operating his own business, G3 Mechanical, in Pembroke since 2012.  He is a graduate of Norwich University and a native of Norwell.

Cape Cod Biofuels also announced that all current employees of Brodeur & Sons will be retained.  The Brodeur company name will also remain in place.



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