Cape Cod Chamber and STEM Network team up on workforce development

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The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and The Cape Cod Regional
STEM Network participated in a global convening of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Ecosystems in Newport Beach, CA from November 13-16, 2018. Bridget Burger, Director of the Cape
Cod Regional STEM Network, and Chris Adams, the Chamber’s Chief of Staff and STEM Network Advisory
Board member joined representatives from 68 other STEM ecosystems in the US and abroad to share
ideas and best practices and advance STEM based education and workforce development.
The STEM Learning Ecosystems Initiative hosts bi-annual Community of Practice Convenings for all
participating STEM Learning Ecosystems to provide a peer-to-peer professional learning network for
communities to share information and expertise. Members of the Community of Practice help shape the
agenda for the convenings with access to STEM and cross-sector collaboration experts.
“One of the keys to advancing our future as a Blue Economy is the development of tomorrow’s
workforce with the skill sets needed in our marine and ocean science and technology sectors. Engaging
with STEM Ecosystems from around the globe will help us with innovative approaches to workforce
development,” said Wendy Northcross, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce CEO. “Chris’ membership on
the STEM Network’s Advisory Board underscores the Chamber’s commitment to developing our future
workforce by focusing on our local population of talent.”
“We are fortunate to have been chosen to participate in this highly selective initiative. Being a part of
STEM Learning Ecosystems puts the Cape Cod Regional STEM Network at the forefront of what’s
happening nationally and globally, and gives us a collaborative space to network and build relationships
with other communities that are also working to build the STEM talent pipeline in their region,” said
Bridget Burger, the Cape Cod Regional STEM Network’s Director. “At each convening, I can share the
work we are doing, and bring back to our communities data-driven best practices in STEM education.”
“STEM education is about critical thinking, problem solving, and making an investment in our future
success on every level,” said Chris Adams, the Chamber’s Chief of Staff. “We are helping the next
generation of professionals develop flexible skill sets that prepare them for careers in fields evolving at
the speed of technology. This is essential work for chambers of commerce.”
The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is a 1,272-member organization that advocates on behalf of
business to strengthen and promote regional economic vitality while addressing related cultural,
environmental and community concerns. We are a catalyst and advocate for a vibrant economic
community in order to create a better Cape Cod and a sustainable future.
Housed at Cape Cod Community College, the Cape Cod Regional STEM network brings together
educators, school districts, business and industry partners, and community members who share a
commitment to inspiring and supporting young people’s interest and achievement in STEM learning and

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