Cape Cod Child Development merges with Shea's Youth Basketball Association

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Shea’s Youth Basketball Association and Cape Cod Child Development Program are thrilled to announce their upcoming merger, which will enable both organizations to reach more at risk teens on the Cape with sports and mentoring opportunities.
“Since I founded the basketball association in 2011, I’ve always hoped and envisioned that it would become a sustainable organization of the Cape Cod community for many years to come, and that it would grow to fit the need of the most kids possible,” said Jonah Shea. “Now in our sixth year of operation, it was necessary to partner with a parent organization with lots of infrastructure, so we can grow, improve, and offer more well-rounded services. After meeting with Anne Cowell from Cape Cod Child Development Program, and becoming familiarized with her wonderful organization, we both concluded that we are serving the same families, so why not serve them better together? The potential that this merger offers SYBA to positively impact more Cape Cod youth, cannot be understated.”
“We are delighted to have Jonah and his organization join our team. He is providing a great opportunity for our children after they graduate from our school-age programs at age 12, and we are enabling him to spend more time with youth, spend less time on administration, and serve more youth in the community. It’s a win-win-win,” said Anne Colwell, CEO of Cape Cod Child Development. Together, the organizations will explore expanding the youth programs to include more sports, younger children and more children, and possibly additional partnerships to help teens gain critical work experience and professional contacts.
The board of Cape Cod Child Development Program voted to accept the merger after several conversations that began with a community collaboration last December where SYBA’s members donated their time to help hand out 100 trees to 100 of CCCDP’s neediest families.
“The Christmas tree giveaway event was really an eye-opening experience on the effort that Cape Cod Child Development puts into serving their families. They gave us the ability to meet their staff, learn a little more about their programs, and see firsthand that the demographic of kids served between SYBA and CCCD are one and the same. Ever since that event, I’ve known that Cape Cod Child Development is the right organization to take us to the next level!” said Shea.
Cape Cod Child Development will maintain separate financial account for all program and expenses, so that donors can rest assured that their contributions will continue to directly support SYBA, while at the same time, Shea’s program will enjoy operational efficiency and savings by utilizing CCCDP finance and administrative staff and systems. This will include office space for Shea and his team at the CCCDP headquarters.
Although the merger is not official until January 1, the staff of CCCDP will continue to help support SYBA in a variety of ways including helping secure team sponsorships and collaboration on the second “100 trees to 100 families” event on December 9 from 10-12 p.m. at Cape Cod Child Development’s headquarters (83 Pearl Street, Hyannis).
About Shea’s Youth Basketball Association
Shea’s Youth Basketball Association is a nonprofit organization who gives over 100 youth on Cape Cod a safe place to play basketball, as well as teach them responsibility through their community service “Lend a Hand” program. To learn more about Shea and his youth, please visit: and be sure to like them on Facebook.
About Cape Cod Child Development Program
For more than 47 years, the nonprofit organization of Cape Cod Child Development has provided exceptional care for more than 3,000 of the children and families of the Cape and the Islands. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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