Cape Cod Quahog predicts 77 days of sunny beach weather

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The Cape Cod summer has been slow to arrive on the scene. Fortunately, “Doug,” the Cape’s beloved hard-shelled mollusk, is on record as saying the first official day of summer is only the beginning of beautiful things to come over the next three months.
During today’s 9th Annual Quahog Day ceremony at the Blue Water Resort overlooking the spectacular white sand beach in South Yarmouth, Doug predicted 77 days of beach weather – and to really up his game, he also predicted average summer temps of a beautiful 77 degrees! The quirky, annual event has come to symbolize a rite of passage into the summer season for Cape Codders.
“Doug,” the Cape’s official quahog (pronounced ko- hog), has been the peninsula’s little weather soothsayer for the past nine years.  In traditional style, Doug and his human sidekick, Johnny Quahog, made an impressive arrival – this year by banana boat provided by Cape Cod Parasail & Jet Ski. Upon arrival at the beach, Doug and Johnny disembarked onto a red carpet flanked by their Quahog Security Detail, a team of black-suited men and women armed with clamming rakes.  They were also greeted by quahog fans and NBC Boston meteorologist Michael Page, who emceed this year’s festivities.
In front of a hushed crowd, Doug whispered his Summer 2017 weather outlook into the ear of Johnny Quahog, widely known as the Secretary General of The Quahog Republic. Johnny is reportedly the only human being able to translate the secret quahog bi-valve language.
The “77-days” announcement was met with raucous cheers from the crowd, many of whom said they doubted summer would ever begin.
“There has been a lot of rain so far this spring causing me to even wonder if we would see our ways to sunny skies,” said Michael Page. “Doug however, is making my job as a meteorologist easy … I think his forecast is right on target!”
Quahog Day was conceived by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce in 2009, after years of fielding calls from people asking what the weather would be like months ahead of their pending vacation.
“Summer 2016 definitely had tremendous flow with blue skies and sunshine reigning the day throughout most of the summer. Doug did not disappoint with his prediction last year,” said Wendy Northcross, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce CEO. “The little guy has developed a stellar reputation for his accuracy, so we can all look forward to a tremendous Cape Cod summer.”
Following the ceremony, the contingent continued the celebration over complimentary seafood appetizers provided by the Blue Water Resort, mugging for photos with Doug and Johnny and grooving to the sounds of ‘Pans in Paradise’, a steel drum band based on Cape Cod who entertained with an eclectic tropical mix of island favorites, reggae and classic tunes.
Also lending a helping hand to make the event a complete success was Garrett Audio and Cape Cod Textile who provided the Quahog Day guests with crystal clear audio and a smashing t-shirt.
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