Cape Symphony & Conservatory Furloughs Staff, Reduces Salaries

The Cape Symphony & Conservatory is taking measures to reduce expenses in light of the lost revenue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The solutions include furloughing staff, who are eligible for unemployment compensation, and reducing salaries for working staff.

Cape Symphony & Conservatory leadership and the board of trustees also plan to step up fund-raising efforts with the goal of supporting the organization’s return to full function.

“While we regret having to take these actions, we must do what is necessary to bring the organization through to the other side of the ongoing health crisis,” said Michael Albaugh, executive director, Cape Symphony & Conservatory. “I am so grateful to our whole team for their support and understanding. Their passionate belief in the future of this organization gives me such hope.”

“Everyone in our organization, from my fellow trustees, to the leadership, staff, and faculty, to the musicians of the orchestra, is committed to our future,” said Ellen Dickinson, chair of the Cape Symphony & Conservatory Board of Trustees. “Today, we are making some painful decisions, but we do so with the goal of preserving our viability as a preeminent cultural organization dedicated to the people of Cape Cod.”

Albaugh added that the organization’s strategy is to return to entertaining and engaging with the community with greater impact than ever before. “Together, we will do more than survive; we will thrive,” he said.

For more information and to donate to Cape Symphony and Conservatory, visit

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