CCYP Survey Reports COVID-19 Impacts On Cape’s Young Workforce

Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to connect, engage, and advance Cape Cod’s young workforce and leaders, has released an Executive Summary of compiled results from the organization’s recent COVID-19 Needs Survey.
Survey respondents shared information on the critical needs and challenges they are facing as a result of the pandemic, and provided testimonials from their first-hand experiences. Key findings include the following:
  • 85 percent of survey respondents said they have been directly impacted by COVID-19;
  • 33 percent  rated the impacts they have experienced as highly severe or severe in nature;
  • 45 percent reported a decrease in productivity at work, due to having to quickly make the switch to remote working, juggling home and family responsibilities, and other challenges;
  • 26 percent had experienced a temporary loss of employment, such as furlough, with another 20% reporting a cut in hours at work;
  • 25 percent respondents had lost child care, and the need for child care came up as a significant challenge both during the pandemic and looking ahead to the reopening process;
  • Mental health concerns such as stress, depression, and anxiety featured prominently in open-ended responses and reveal the need for additional resources targeted to young people and families.

    “Young adults on Cape Cod were already facing significant challenges to sustain their lives and their careers in our region prior to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lauren Barker, CEO of CCYP. “These survey results highlight the critical need to rally around young workers and families in the wake of this unprecedented crisis and develop programs and support efforts that specifically speak to their experiences.”

    The Executive Summary for the COVID-19 Needs Survey can be found in its entirety on the CCYP website at

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