Grow Your Business Using the Next Generation of Technology and  Digital Marketing Innovation 

DATE: March 28, 2019
PLACE: Cape Codder Resort & Spa 
TIME: 12:30 – 5:30
Registration/Networking 12:30 – 1:00
Opening Keynote 1:00
Breakout Sessions 2:00 – 5:00
Networking Party 5:00
Cost: $75

For this gathering we bring you subject matter experts that can help you run your business more efficiently and reach new customers across different marketing channels. Get the solutions and real-world strategies you need to choose the right technology platforms and control what digital platforms make the most sense for your digital marketing programs.


Opening Keynote Speaker

Andrew Mahon; Marketing Fellow @ HubSpot    www.hubspot.com

It’s not what you sell, but how you sell

It’s never been easier to start a business these days — access to capital, low-risk real estate, virtual collaboration, and on-demand cloud-based technology have lowered the barriers to entry in almost every industry. That good news is balanced by the reality of marketplaces that are crowded with new competitors. Digital marketing — and sales and customer service — that focus not only on internal productivity but also on a delightful customer experience is a key competitive differentiator. How can small and medium businesses use technology — and examine its own business processes — to stand out by removing friction from the customer experience to attract prospects and retain existing customers?

Opening Keynote Speaker

Josh Mendelsoh; VP of Marketing @ Privy www.privy.com 

Nine 45 Minute Breakout Sessions

Andy Gregoire; Ace Technologies; Getting Connected  www.acetechadvisors.com

Supported by Viasat (www.viasatbusiness.com) and Net2phones (www.net2phones.com)

In today’s market having solid communications is key to growing a business. Whether it’s voice, data, e-mail, on-line sales, or social media, your customers expect … rather they demand an on-line presence.

In “Getting Connected” learn how your business can save money, communicate better, and worry less with reliable high-speed broadband internet for both voice and data.

Lou DiMuzio; Ace Technologies; Once You’re Connected   www.acetechadvisors.com

Supported by Thrive Networks (www.thrivenetworks.com) and TPX (www.tpx.com)

Your company’s network and the coinciding, critical data are the valuable lifeline of your business. Today we have endless ways to communicate with our customers—voice, email, file sharing, social media, etc.  Let us show you how to protect your valuable data, proactively isolate vulnerabilities and maximize your services and best practices, all while utilizing today’s cutting edge technology.

Christine Perkett; Mindfull Marketing – Social Courage – branding in an always on, FOMO world  www.mindfullmarketing.com

Social media has made marketing transparent in both good and bad ways. How do you present your brand in an authentic way when consumers are now able to “review” you – loudly and without hesitation – across the Internet? How do you choose where to engage and how deeply?

Beth Waterfall; Beth Waterfall Creative – Digital Marketing in the Age of Cannabis www.bethwaterfall.com

Michael Flint; Metrropolis Creative – How to Make Your Website Work for You www.metropoliscreative.com

Learn how to target and funnel your audiences to compelling content that quickly converts. We will talk about how responsive screen sizes, SEO, and lead-capture tools drive website design today.

Colin Haviland; Boston Web Marketing – SEO and the increasing importance of mobile SEO www.getfoundquick.com

Allen B. Falcon; Cumulus Global – Cloud Computing www.cumulusglobal.com

Andrew Voirol; The Social Diner – The Future of Social Media www.thesocialdiner.com

Social media is changing at a rapid pace and it is so hard for businesses to stay on top of trends and business opportunities.  In this session you will learn what the industry is predicting for the future of social media, and how to leverage change in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Julia Campbell; J Campbell Social Marketing – How to Harness the Powerof Facebook Fundraising Tools to Drive Donations 


There is no doubt getting results from Facebook in 2019 is harder than ever.  While Facebook continures to roll our News Feed changes at an alarming pace, one vital feture not onl seems to be insulated from decling reach, but also increasing in popularity – Facebook Fundraising.

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