EforAll Cape Cod Celebrates Five Years Of Empowering Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) Cape Cod, an inclusive business accelerator, marked its five-year anniversary on June 6 with a celebration at Cape Cod Beer in Hyannis.

EforAll Cape Cod 2023
From left, EforAll Executive Director Christin Marshall, graduating entrepreneur Keniqua Smith of KenniKay Collections, mentor Kailey Steadman, and 2021 Alum of the Year and mentor Don Royer of PC Phases Creative Studio.

The event showcased the achievements of EforAll Cape Cod and recognized exceptional individuals who have played a pivotal role in its journey of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs.

The program began with inspiring remarks from Executive Director Christin Marshall, Board Chair John Rogol, Muska Yosuf representing the Cape Cod Foundation Women & Girls Fund, and Program Manager Kai Childs. The class speakers were Tamora Israel of Communi-T Productions and Kelley Fillion of Simplified by Kelley. Following the formalities, attendees enjoyed an afterparty featuring live music by Cod Piece, the awarding of $8,500 in cash prizes to entrepreneur graduates, and the recognition of outstanding “Alum of the Year” entrepreneurs and volunteers across four categories.

Founded in the summer of 2018, EforAll Cape Cod has been instrumental in supporting aspiring business owners from all 15 towns of Barnstable County and beyond, helping them to transform their dreams into successful businesses.

EforAll Cape Cod’s comprehensive program provides ambitious entrepreneurs, regardless of experience, education, or background, with essential business knowledge and specialized instruction to navigate the unique challenges of Cape Cod’s seasonal economy.

Graduates of the EforAll Cape Cod program have made a substantial impact on the Cape Cod economy, with an impressive 70 percent still actively working on their businesses which surpasses the national average for business accelerator graduate success.

Since program inception, EforAll Cape Cod has graduated 116 entrepreneurs, and in 2022, EforAll Cape Cod alumni businesses earned $4.25 million in local business revenue. As the program ages and alumni businesses gain traction, EforAll expects to see indicators such as earned revenue to compound.  Between 2021 and 2022, alumni businesses’ total earned revenue grew by 98 percent.

“It is amazing to see the way the EforAll Cape Cod community has grown and the ways our entrepreneurs have contributed to making Cape Cod stronger and more vital,” said Marshall. “In just five years, entrepreneurs, mentors, and volunteers involved in the program have created a sprawling, close-knit, extended family of people working together towards the common goal of lifting each other up, creating a network of support, and making Cape Cod a better place to work and live.”

At the June 6 celebration, EforAll Cape Cod awarded three exceptional graduating entrepreneurs with cash prizes to recognize their outstanding achievements and contributions:

  • EforAll 2023
    EforAll CC Program Manager Amanda “Kai” Childs, left, presents graduating entrepreneur Alyse DeMary of Wildly Purposeful Gardening with a cash prize.

    Alyse DeMary of Wildly Purposeful Gardening received $2,000 for her ecologically conscious garden design service, focusing on native plants to support the local ecology.

  • Tamora Israel of Communi-T Productions was awarded $3,000 for creating films and events that center the stories of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

  • Christina Webber of Chocolate Nana was granted $3,500 for her gourmet chocolate truffles that are safe for those with nut allergies.

The event also honored volunteers and “Alum of the Year” awardees from each year since EforAll Cape Cod’s inception, recognizing their exceptional contributions and dedication to the organization’s mission:

  • 2018 Alum of the Year: Ayanna Niambi Freedom of B FREE Wellness, recognized for her impact on the Cape Cod community through her dedication to healing personal and community trauma through movement, mindfulness, and fun.

  • 2019 Alum of the Year: Melissa Jankowski of Buttercup Cafe, celebrated for creating a gem in the heart of Barnstable Village renowned for its friendliness, hospitality, and comforting food.

  • 2020 Alum of the Year: Caroline Laye of Atlantic Soap Co., acknowledged for her commitment to creating quality, luxury bath products that highlight the personality of Cape Cod, featuring soaps that incorporate local ocean waters.

  • 2021 Alum of the Year: Kevin Watson of Phases Creative Studios, honored for capturing the essence of human experiences through his art.

  • 2022 Alum of the Year: Caren Berry of Colorful Kidz, Inc., recognized for her transformative nonprofit that provides personalized room makeovers to children experiencing trauma, bringing joy, comfort, and renewed strength.

The event further highlighted exceptional volunteers who have played crucial roles in supporting EforAll Cape Cod’s mission:

  • Catalyst Volunteer Award: Kate McMahon of Cape Media Center, acknowledged for her unwavering support and connections, linking entrepreneurs, mentors, and volunteers to the program.

  • Spark of Genius Award: Aron Wittkamper, honored for sharing deep technical knowledge with numerous entrepreneurs through various EforAll Cape Cod programs, helping them conduct target market research.

  • Eternal Service Award: Peter Karlson of NeuEon, Inc., celebrated for his volunteer contributions to EforAll South Coast and EforAll Cape Cod, and shaping improvements to the EforAll Accelerator Program on a national level.

  • Marathoner Award: Cyndy Cotton of Osterville Village Library, recognized for her generous connections and commitment, providing the library space for EforAll Cape Cod, fostering a thriving entrepreneurial environment.

New and aspiring entrepreneurs are invited to apply for the Fall 2023 Accelerator. Visit eforall.org to apply.