Eversource Installs EV Charging Stations At Heritage Museums & Gardens

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Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich recently installed four EV charging station spots in their general parking lot.

The charging stations were funded through Eversource’s EV Charging Station program and the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MASSEVIP). The MASSEVIP provided a generous grant toward the purchase and installation of two charging stations, which can charge four cars at one time. Costs exceeding the grant and the Eversource program will be paid for by Heritage Museums & Gardens.

Heritqage Charging station
One of four EV charging stations recently installed at Heritage Museums & Gardens.

“Heritage Museums & Gardens is committed to environmental sustainability throughout our 100-acre grounds. The EV charging stations, which benefit and support our visitors, are just one of many initiatives that are part of our sustainability plan,” said Anne Scott-Putney, president and CEO, Heritage Museums & Gardens. “We are very grateful to Eversource and MASSEVIP for their generous grant support of this project”.

The EV charging stations are manufactured by ChargePoint and can be accessed through the use of an app on your phone.  They are connected to the Internet, which will allow for the tracking of usage as well as all fees, which can be paid by mobile device. Heritage will be required to provide semi-annual charging station usage reports to the MASSEVIP Program.

The charging stations are located in the parking lot near the Gift Shop. The location of the EV charging station spots at Heritage will also be visible through several apps including ChargePoint and PlugShare.

“We share Heritage Museums & Gardens’ commitment to environmental sustainability and are a proud partner in this project to support visitors who use EVs,” said Eversource EV Lead James Cater. “We’re all in at Eversource on supporting EV charging infrastructure to help advance a clean energy future for our customers, and partnerships like this are critical to those efforts.”   

The electric vehicle charging stations are another amenity provided to Heritage visitors while they’re visiting the museums and gardens.  The charging stations will be available for use during business hours (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and turned off at all other times.

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