Massachusetts Announces Climate Change Roadmap

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An ambitious climate change roadmap for the state strives to implement a number of initiatives to ensure Massachusetts reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 85 percent by 2050 and achieves net-zero emissions.

The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs is undertaking a planning process to identify cost-effective and equitable strategies to ensure Massachusetts reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 85 percent by 2050 and achieve net-zero emissions.

The initiatives in the roadmap include:

  • A 50 percent cut in emissions by 2030;
  • Requiring all new cars sold in the state o be electric by 2035;
  • A net zero stretch building code that would be an option for every town;
  • Retrofitting 1 million homes to use electricity for heating instead of gas and oil;
  • Cutting commuters’ driving miles by 15 percent;
  • Increasing offshore wind power.

Monday, the state Legislature sent An Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy to the Governor’s desk for his signature. This bill:

  • Writes environmental justice into Massachusetts law and provides new tools and protections for affected neighborhoods;
  • Creates a first-time greenhouse gas emissions standard for municipal lighting plants and imposes a five-year moratorium on biomass;
  • Allows for a local option “net-zero stretch energy code” and adds 4 energy efficiency seats to the Board of Building Regulations & Standards.
 “We at the Climate Collaborative are very encouraged by Governor Baker’s continued focus on actions to mitigate the climate crisis and even more optimistic about last week’s announcement  about S.2995 legislation which would among a wide range of other important actions and policies, would codify the states goal of reaching  net zero by 2050,” said Rich Delaney, executive director of the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative.
Read more about the Massachusetts Decarbonization Roadmap here:

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