HardKore Athletic Testing Brings Timing System To High Schools

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HardKore Athletic Performance Testing is bringing  the nationally recognized Zybek Sports, the Official Timing System of the NFL and the USA Olympic Teams, to the high school sports teams who seasons are limited due to COVID-19.

HardKore is able to use the testing equipment outdoors in the athletic fields while following the state’s social distancing guidelines. The athletes complete the Standardized Athletic Test (SAT) to measure speed and performance and pinpoint areas for improvement to better target their training. The SAT is a combination of athletic performance evaluations comprised of the 40 yard dash, the 5-10-5, L Drill, Broad Jump, Vertical Jump PLUS Body Measurements of Reach, Wing Span, Hand Size, Height and Weight. The Power Pushup is also measured on the Force Plate.

HardKore is using the most accurate laser timing system in the world and through Zybek’s National Database of well over 100,000 can compare athletes by individual sports, age, positions and High School, College and Professional levels. The results can be used for personal benchmarking, team comparison, recruiting, and goal setting.

“Our high school athletes are really missing out and hurting with the restrictions on sports during this time,” said Kevin Orcutt, president and CEO of HardKore Testing. “The athletes are responding well to the SAT and are finding real value in the results. The SAT gives them goals to work towards and they can get 3D full body scans with combine statistics for college coaches to view.”

HardKore is located at 22 Reservoir Park Drive, Unit 4 in Rockland, MA. For more information visit Hardkoretesting.com or call 781-490-8802.

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