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Are You Winning the Talent War?
Whether we wish to admit or not, we are in the midst of a Talent War. Those who are winning are using Inbound Recruiting to attract, nurture, and convert candidates and ultimately create their own talent pool.
How is the possible? Digital technology plus the application of the same strategies used in Inbound Marketing to recruit qualified candidates makes it possible for employers to reach and engage job candidates long before the candidates ever consider the company/organization as a potential employer.
No longer is the “job itself” the incentive for submitting a resume or completing an online job application; today’s it’s the whole package. It’s the company that is offering the job that is under scrutiny. What are they about? What are their values? Where are they headed?  The first step to creating  a strong brand is to know thyself.
Susan Partridge, Director of Human Resources with Convention Data Services, a Cape employer who is winning the Talent War, emphasizes that developing and communicating a strong employer brand is the key to inbound recruiting.  She added, “ To gain visibility with the modern workforce, we remain active on social media, sharing a variety of content over various channels. These efforts have enabled us to expand our reach and connect with the maximum number of candidates with a minimum time to fill”.
The tactics Partridge describes are just some of the many strategies that make Inbound Recruiting so successful. These and others will be presented June 4th at an Inbound Recruiting Workshop at the Holiday Inn-Hyannis. This is a must attend for employers, who up to now, have had little luck with their recruitment efforts, adds Neila Neary, Business Service Manager with MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center, the host of this event.
The Inbound Recruiting workshop is sponsored by Seedling and CCB-Media. The workshop will run from 8:30-11:30 and includes breakfast. Businesses can pre-register to attend at

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