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By Eric Emmel
Technology continues to make banking easier than ever. Through mobile devices, you can make payments, transfer funds, purchase items, receive real-time alerts and even pay other people 24/7, 365 days a year. You may be familiar with the digital banking options provided at large, national banks, but did you know that we provide the same conveniences here at The Coop? Here are six digital offerings you can use today to make your life and banking experience easier and safer.

  1. Digital Wallets

The easiest and safest way to pay, digital wallets allow you to pay for purchases with your smartphone instead of cash or taking your debit card out of your wallet. “Google Pay,” “Apple Pay,” and “Samsung Pay” are examples of digital wallets. When you add your Coop debit card to your device’s digital wallet feature, you can pay for your purchases at many stores using your phone. Simply place your phone near a compatible payment terminal and hold your thumb or finger on the fingerprint reader, or make purchases using the app on your device. Digital wallets have numerous benefits, but the most important is security. Because your card details are never shared with the merchant, the transaction is ultra-secure.

  1. Mobile Deposits

Depositing checks no longer requires a trip to the branch or ATM.  With the Coop’s mobile banking app, you can deposit checks from the convenience of home or the office any day. Just snap photos of the check’s front and back, enter the amount of the check and “click.” You’re done. For businesses, this feature quickens the availability of funds, potentially helping cash flow.

  1. Alerts

Alerts make it easy to keep an eye on your money and any potential suspicious activity. Instead of having to log in and manually track when something important happens to your account, you can receive real-time alerts via push notifications (for mobile banking users), text, email or the online messaging center in online banking. You can choose exactly what activity alerts you want to receive, such as when your debit card was processed, an ATM withdrawal is made or account information is changed. Alerts make keeping tabs on your activity hassle free and most importantly, they provide an extra layer of vigilance against fraud.

  1. Instant Balance

Sometimes you want a quick check of your account balance without having to type in a password or log onto your account. The Coop’s mobile banking app gives you that access. You can quickly see your balance at a glance on your smartphone or tablet without having to fully log in.

  1. Touch ID for Mobile Banking

Typing passwords on tiny smartphone screens can be clumsy at best, especially with the complex password requirements. Instead, log in by simply touching your thumb or finger to the fingerprint reader. This “biometric” authentication is available for customers with enabled devices. Beyond just being fast and easy, it’s among the most secure ways to access your account. After all, your fingerprint is uniquely yours.

  1. Bill Pay

Gone are the days of having to write checks, stuff envelopes and buy stamps. Online bill pay allows you to make those payments – whether it is to the utility company or your credit card company – with a few clicks. You decide how much to pay and when. Or take it a step further and set up recurring payments, which puts payments on autopilot. You can even sync your bills so they are digitally delivered right to your account.  You can set up alerts to notify you when a payment will be debited from your account so you can make any adjustments necessary. With all of your bills managed in our Bill Pay center, paying bills is faster, easier and more efficient than ever.
These digital offerings provide you with safe, easy and convenient ways to bank.  Visit one of our branches or contact me directly to learn more.
Eric Emmel is the Digital Banking Product Officer with The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod.

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