Mid-Cape Home Centers Raises Funds For Food Banks

Mid-Cape Home Centers has raised more than $12,000 to be distributed between Family Pantry of Cape Cod, based in Harwich, and Support the Soupman in Bridgewater. The donation provides nearly 30,000 meals to those in need on Cape Cod, and will help fund initiatives such as brown bag lunches and more portable showers, across southeastern Massachusetts.

“With so many of our team members sharing how appreciative they were that Mid-Cape was deemed an essential business and that they were still able to work, it got me thinking, how great would it be if we all got together to help all of those in our community that weren’t so lucky?” explained Mid-CapePresident Jack Stevenson.

Mid-Cape was designated an essential business and was allowed to operate since the pandemic began for call-in and curbside pickup and delivery. Mid-Cape Leadership, recognizing the challenge this would bring about for their team, implemented a daily bonus opportunity for their staff members reporting on-site to work. Employees were given the opportunity to donate a percentage directly from their bonus or paychecks to a local food bank of their choice. Mid-Cape was able to team up with a vendor partner, SBC Cedar Shingles, who was willing to match $2,000 of the employee donations.

Mid-Cape Home Centers is continuing to raise money for these food banks and has added a donation option to their website. To donate, visit https://www.midcape.net/covid-19-community-resources/#donate-now


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