Musicians/filmmakers to rock Plymouth with new nonprofit venture

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Like the idea of a music & film festival in Plymouth? What about watching a music documentary then seeing the artist perform? What if you could watch a classic ’80s film then dance the night away to an ’80s cover band? These are the types of events that a new non-profit business called Plymouth Rocks is planning for Plymouth.
The business was the brainchild of local filmmaker/musician Mike Gioscia. Like many South Shore arts fans, Mike finds it tough to get into Boston for all the events he’d like to attend, and saw the opportunity to host a festival and other special events in Plymouth. To help him on his quest, he recruited Tim Downie (owner of Mars Records in Plymouth), Jim Gilbert (bass player for The Sheila Devine and Plymouth resident), and Rich Batt (event marketing professional and film/music junkie), and Plymouth Rocks Events, Inc. was born.
Gioscia, a DJ at WZLX in Boston, says that Plymouth Rocks will host their first Film/Music Festival in Plymouth in the Summer of 2018, but will also produce other special events in the interim. Their kick-off event is a free show by Don DiLego, Friday May 12th, at the New World Tavern in Plymouth. Rolling Stone Magazine has dubbed DiLego “Alt-country’s next poster boy.
Plymouth Rocks will also present former Go-Go Jane Wiedlin on Thursday August 3rd, also at The New World Tavern. “We’re just getting started” Jim Gilbert added.
“Plymouth has become the cultural hub of the South Shore,” says Gioscia. “The people who live around here have an appetite for great films and live music. So our mission is to enhance this scene by bringing more interesting, entertaining and interactive events to the area.”
No doubt Plymouth has grown from a tourist destination into a thriving community that caters to area residents with great restaurants, shops and cultural attractions. Plymouth Rocks Partner, Tim Downie, who also books bands for The New World Tavern adds “The range of indoor and outdoor venues in Plymouth is fantastic – it can accommodate a diversity of events and experiences, so that gives us some flexibility and won’t limit our creativity.”
Plymouth Rocks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting independent film and music, and enhancing Plymouth’s reputation as a destination for great cultural events.

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