Nantucket Chamber Of Commerce To Launch The Rock Solid Fund  

Today, The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, in  partnership with ReMain Ventures, announced a new grant program has been  established for local small businesses owners, to help them launch innovative responses to economic challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Rock Solid Fund will award micro-grants of up to $5,000 to Nantucket-based  companies with a history of positive cash flow prior to the pandemic. The funds will help  local business owners to accelerate innovative ideas needed to ensure their continued  contribution to the stability and growth of the Nantucket economy, both short and long term.  

ReMain Ventures will provide $20,000 to seed the fund. The chamber will administer the  fund through its Nantucket Island Center for Entrepreneurship (NICE), with the first  grants to be awarded by the end of this calendar year. This sponsorship is part of ReMain Venture’s generous history of supporting the island’s tradition of independence,  innovation and entrepreneurship through unique programming, including NICE and the  Chamber’s “Keep the Rock Solid” business support initiative.  

“We understand the importance of cash flow in today’s uncertain climate and are excited  to see the innovative ideas proposed by some of our island’s most successful small  business owners,” said Cecil Jensen, executive director of ReMain Ventures. “It is our  hope that through this sponsorship, we will encourage other Nantucket investors to help support Nantucket’s economic lifeblood – it’s small business community – by contributing  to this fund.” 

“The Rock Solid Fund is perfectly aligned with the central mission of the Nantucket Island  Chamber of Commerce, to foster the economic development of the island through the  support of local small businesses” said Alicia Carney, chairman of the chamber board. “We are thrilled to be able to extend this support to now include cash grants  to for-profit businesses for the first time in the chamber’s history.”

Since March, the chamber has been actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by  offering educational and informational programming to the entire island business  community, including and related programming offered through  NCTV18 and WACK FM/True Island Digital. The Chamber has also offered business  owners one-on-one consulting sessions to address specific needs, through the NICE  program. 

Additional information, including eligibility criteria and the application form, can be  found on Applications are due by Friday,  Dec. 11, 2020.  

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