New nonprofit formed to protect Bass River

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Educate. Collaborate. Preserve. Those are the three basic tenets of the newly-formed nonprofit Friends of Bass River, an organization dedicated to protecting the delicate ecosystem, ponds, coves and sub-basins of the Bass River Estuarine System currently being impacted by increasingly high nitrogen levels. Through public education, awareness and collaboration with local and regional partners, the Friends of Bass River seek to improve the factors critical to saving our river. With careful management and by adopting some best practices when on the beaches and water, the current increase in nitrogen trends can be reversed and our waterway can be cleaned and protected for future generations.
A mecca for boaters, fishermen, swimmers, kayakers and nature enthusiasts, Bass River is one of the largest and most beautiful waterways on Cape Cod, passing through Yarmouth, Dennis and Brewster as it meanders from Follins Pond to Nantucket Sound. Friends of Bass River was formed by three neighbors who share a lifelong love of Bass River: Bob Churchill, DeWitt Davenport and Mark Anschutz. These friends hope to inspire all who love the river to join them and become actively involved in its preservation.
A detailed website has been launched as well as a presence on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The group is excited to work with town officials, chambers of commerce, environmental groups and concerned citizens to preserve the treasure we all know as Bass River. For more information, please visit .

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