Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Re-opens Clinics

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Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, a South Shore practice specializing in programs that provide comprehensive treatment in orthopedic, spine and sports medicine specialties, has re-opened clinics to provide patients that need in-person treatment with services. They will continue to treat additional patients virtually through Telehealth.

The clinics closed for two weeks out of concerns for the health and well-being of patients and staff. Peak Physical Therapy has re-opened their Quincy, Norwell, Pembroke and Scituate clinics and their Pelvic Health centers in Norwell and Scituate after implementing stricter precautions to provide an environment that is as safe as possible for patients.  The Braintree and Hanover clinics remain closed at this time.

Precautions include:

  • No more than 1 front desk receptionist and 2 therapists in the clinic at one time. Less than 10 people in the clinic at any given time
  • All treatment sessions have been extended to 45 minutes to allow for less people in the clinic, and ample time to disinfect in between patients
  • Treatment areas redesigned to maximize social distancing
  • Patients are asked over the phone whether they have any symptoms related to Covid-19 and asked to not attend if they do. The same questions are repeated upon arrival to their session
  • Forehead temperature taken, and if over 100 degrees will not be permitted to attend session and asked to return to their doctor
  • All staff and patients wearing masks
  • Gloves are offered to all patients, but optional
  • All patients asked to wash and fully sanitize hands before and after treatment

The current COVID-19 pandemic has allowed physical therapy practices to temporarily treat patients through Telehealth and it is approved for insurance. This has allowed patients to continue their rehabilitation program from the safety of their homes. Telehealth enables the staff to perform initial evaluations of new patients as well as continue the rehabilitation programs for existing patients.

“As healthcare providers our top concern is the health and well-being of our patients. Our move to Telehealth physical therapy was and continues to be a great success but we are happy to re-open our clinics to treat our patients with every precaution in place,” said Eric Edelman, PT, owner of Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance.

For additional information, call 781-347-4686 or visit

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