Plymouth Photography Studio Announces Nonprofit Division.

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Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography, a commercial and fine art photography studio in Plymouth,  recently established a nonprofit division. The business will offer a 20 percent discount to 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organizations.

Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography’s primary focus is commercial photography, event and corporate brand photography which includes marketing materials, websites and product pages to headshots. In an effort to help local and regional nonprofits, the agency has established this new division, explained founder and principal photographer Debi Cramer.

Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography serves a diverse array of clients in wide variety of industries, including real estate, restaurant, floral, retail and others. Nonprofit organizations that the agency has previously worked with include The Great Blizzards of Massachusetts Special Ice Hockey of Kingston, Healthy Plymouth Amazing Race 2019 and the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce.

“For nonprofit organizations in need of professional photography services and a professional portfolio, we’re providing this discount with an eye towards helping them minimize costs,” said Cramer.

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