ROVA introduces Revolutionary On-Demand Delivery Platform to Market

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HINGHAM, MA, ISSUED OCTOBER 21, 2019…..ROVA (, a revolutionary on-demand delivery platform, has officially launched in the Boston market.
This is a new and unique technology platform, accessible by web and by app, which founder and entrepreneur Thomas McGrath believes will disrupt (and significantly improve!) the current means by which packages are delivered. The ROVA platform provides 24/7 access to independent drivers for on-demand, same day delivery of packages.
McGrath, who early in his career was a courier for a Greater Boston delivery service, has spent years protecting the rights of independent contractor couriers; he built an earlier and very successful business doing precisely that. He has created ROVA based on his experiences and industry knowledge, and sees it as the answer for businesses and organizations who need packages delivered quickly and affordably. His model offers a driver-friendly platform for the thousands of independent contractor drivers who are part of the quickly-growing platform.
The ROVA model provides insurance, full transparency, real-time updates, payments and tracking at the customer’s fingertips, and is designed with the drivers in mind. Customers seeking deliveries can access the ROVA platform for a nominal fee, $5, and will then pay a very competitive price for a quick, trackable, delivery of a package anywhere in the U.S. where ROVA has drivers on its platform. The drivers who are registered on the ROVA platform keep 100% of the delivery fee.
Prior to the Boston launch, McGrath beta tested the program in Cincinnati, New Orleans, Atlanta and San Francisco. “We’re ready; it works, and Boston here we come!” he said.  ROVA will serve the New England region from the Hingham headquarters at 99 Derby Street.
McGrath points to the market delivery services and their varying policies of how drivers are treated and compensated, and says that the ROVA platform is a winner. “We believe that drivers are the backbone of every delivery program. Whether it is one of the large carriers or even the ride share models, drivers are not treated well. We have created this platform to connect independent contractor drivers with businesses in need, and the drivers are treated very well.”
It is this pro-driver philosophy of McGrath’s that led him to build NICA, the National Association of Independent Contractors (, which has grown to become the watchdog agency for independent contractor agents, nationally, for over 30 years.  From that, he developed and launched, which connects self-employed people with benefit sources.
The ROVA website offers opportunities for new, experienced drivers to sign up to become part of the platform, as it does for businesses and organizations seeking delivery services. McGrath plans a series of events over the new few months to roll out the ROVA model for all to experience.
About ROVA and its founder
ROVA ( is a new, unique technology platform which provides 24/7 on demand, same day  delivery of packages through independent contractors,  and which rewards drivers with 100% of the delivery fee.  Founder Thomas McGrath, a native of Braintree, MA and current resident of Falmouth, is an entrepreneur whose career has included real estate, restaurants, and advocacy for the rights of independent contractor couriers, among other ventures. Three decades ago, he launched and built the national organization NICA, the National Association of Independent Contractors, to advocate for the rights of independent contractor couriers, and is now bringing a unique delivery platform to market. With thousands of drivers registered on the ROVA platform in four countries, ROVA is ready to revolutionize the way in which packages are delivered. For additional information, please visit ROVA maintains offices at 99 Derby Street, Hingham, MA 02043.

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