Rustic Marlin Launches ‘Signs of Hope’

Home decor company Rustic Marlin of Hanover has launched a “Signs of Hope” initiative, donating 100 percent of the profits to the Rustic Marlin team as well as employees of other small businesses who have been recently been impacted by COVID-19.

Signs of Hope is a line of products based on the themes of hope, humor and Americana. With so much uncertainty the business believes that everybody is looking for a way to show support for those who are helping to fight this virus like doctors, nurses, scientists and first responders. The Rustic Marlin team designed some pieces including a few color-your-own versions for families to enjoy an activity then hang up their personal hearts.

“The idea is to use the profits to assist ordinary people that just a few weeks ago had jobs within a small business but now their world has been turned upside down because the company they work at had to close,” said co-founder Brian O’Neil. “These employees are the lifeline of small businesses and we know this all too well. We are trying to maximize the monies generated and our goal is to buy gift cards at local restaurants and donate to employees to feed their family. We believe this is the best way to support as many small businesses as we can at one time.”

The signs include hearts with the words “hope” or “hero” among other designs.

Signs of Hope Wall

Rustic Marlin has been exploring ways it could potentially use its large manufacturing facility to help build extremely needed products such as hand sanitizers or protective garments. While the company is still looking at options it has realized the fastest way to help is to do what it does best – produce meaningful items that give people a symbol of hope and solidarity.

“Our team members are like family to us and they have truly built Rustic Marlin into the amazing business it has become,” said co-founder Melanie O’Neil. “We spent all last week focused on the best plan for our team’s safety and financial well-being. This will continue to be our top priority. However, we have also been trying to figure out what we could do to make a difference within our community and that is how Signs of Hope started.”


The product is currently available for purchase on Rustic Marlin’s website and at the company’s first outdoor store (with no human contact!) located at Rustic Marlin, 389 Columbia Road in Hanover. Signs of Hope is also accepting donations to further support the Signs of Hope initiative via Venmo to @signsofhope.

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