Selling your business? What you really need to know…….

This event is ideal for, small business owners, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and family businesses who want to understand how to estimate the value of their business, what is involved in the sales process and what they need to do to get the business ready for sale.


Are you ready to sell your business…mentally ready?

Beth Davis – Owner; Planning What’s Next 

The process of selling your company successfully is not only a business process and a financial process; it is also a personal process and an emotional process. Failing to understand all the components can lead to the sabotage of your options for a rewarding transition.  Identity: You ARE your business

  • Addiction: Subconscious resistance to change
  • Transition: Begins with a loss
  • Honor: Your legacy
  • Purpose: Vision for the future
  • Commitment: To see the process through

How to Build a Salable Small Business you can sell–even if your exit is still years away.

Terry Shepherd – Principal/Founding Member, ROCG Consulting 

Building a profitable business takes a disciplined process and a focus on the key business valuation drivers.

  • Recurring Revenue
  • Consistent Profitability
  • Branding
  • Physical Assets
  • Record-keeping
  • Benchmarking

Demystifying Business Valuation

Chris Mellen – Managing Director Valuation Research Corp. 

A successful small business sale begins with a solid grasp of business valuation. Here’s what you need to know to set your company at the right price.

  • Results depend on a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the business with sound assumptions
  • Differences between fair market value and potential selling price
  • Common Valuation Methods
  • Income Approach
  • Market Approach
  • Asset-based Approach

The Longest Year of Your Life: Selling Your Small Business  

Chris Bond – Director, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation LLC.

Once they realize how tough it is to do, more and more small business owners are relying on creative exit strategies to sell their companies.

  • Selling to Family Members
  • Selling to Employees
  • Selling to a Competitor
  • Spotting a qualified buyer (going it alone)

Selling Your Business - What You Need to Know