South Shore Chamber Endorses Norwell’s Herring Brook Hill

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Norwell’s Herring Brook Hill has recently been recognized as contributing to the region’s economic competitiveness, and has been endorsed by the South Shore Economic Development Corporation’s Housing Committee, an arm of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce.  

The committee recognizes local initiatives that make the region more competitive and assist in attracting people and businesses, as part of its larger South Shore 2030: Choosing Our Future regional economic and community development plan.

Herring Brook Hill is offering 18 new homes for seniors 60+ years of age on the old 2.5-acre police headquarters lot in Norwell Town Center. The project is attractive to seniors who are looking to downsize but still want to live on the South Shore. Seniors will now be provided with affordable housing with close proximity to amenities. Metro West Collaborative Development is a private non-profit community development corporation building this project with the goal of creating affordable housing that will strengthen the neighborhood through a mix of housing.

“Herring Brook Hill is such a great example of what a town can do when they put their minds to it,” said Jennifer Van Campen of the Metro West Collaborative Development.  “With very few rental units in town there was a tremendous need and so after much community conversation the residents of Norwell voted at Town Meeting to set aside the land and over $1 million to support the construction of the project. It wouldn’t exist but for the town leadership and vote by the citizenry.”

 The Housing Initiative is a major component of South Shore 2030: Choosing Our Future, a multi-year comprehensive economic and community development effort led by the South Shore Chamber and the South Shore Economic Development Corp.  The plan focuses on addressing infrastructure, workforce, housing, leadership, and strengthening communities. The housing initiative calls for more production of housing that will appeal to younger people and help retain older residents looking to downsize.  To view the full endorsement for each of these projects visit

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