South Shore Chamber of Commerce forms Transportation Advisory Group

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…..will review and advise on numerous proposals to improve congestion, infrastructure.
ROCKLAND, MA, ISSUED NOVEMBER 5, 2019…The South Shore Chamber of Commerce, the largest business association on the South Shore, today announced its intent to form a Transportation Advisory Group within the Chamber.
This Transportation Advisory Group’s role is to advise the Chamber’s Board of Directors and membership on the many different proposals being discussed statewide, which address Boston congestion and potential new revenue sources for infrastructure. The new board will also help guide the chamber’s regional economic efforts related to local congestion and intra-regional transportation.
The South Shore Chamber of Commerce has been part of a broad coalition of chambers and statewide business groups looking at the state’s transportation problems. It has been reported that the group supports transportation improvements and recognizes that those solutions will require additional funding.
South Shore Chamber President and CEO Peter Forman said, “Neither the coalition as group nor the South Shore Chamber has taken any specific position yet on how to fund any particular plan. The common theme that has broad support it is that the private sector and business groups must be involved in setting some priorities and supporting solutions to those problems –even if controversial.”
He continued, “Transportation is not a single problem with one solution.  Different transportation challenges present varied solutions and funding needs.”
Forman anticipates that the chamber’s transportation group will initially focus on current discussions around Boston’ congestion.   “Proposals like congestion pricing and trying to change commuting choices will impact tens of thousands of our residents.  There will be many voices in this conversation and the South Shore business community needs to be one of those voices.”
The Chamber will also evaluate future challenges for the region as part of its ongoing South Shore 2030: Choosing Our Future economic strategy. Forman added that “In the long-term though our most important role will be in addressing local and regional transportation problems.  Congestion is not just a Boston problem.  As we work to reduce the Boston commute by creating more jobs on the South Shore we need to think about the region’s transportation needs. The Chamber hopes to lead some of the thinking about our regional transportation needs to promote housing and economic growth.”
About the South Shore Chamber of Commerce
The South Shore Chamber of Commerce has long been recognized throughout the state as one of the most active and forceful advocates for the business community and numbers among the larger chambers of commerce nationally. The South Shore Chamber is a not-for-profit association of businesses in the communities south of Boston. It is committed to helping its members grow their businesses and to improve the business climate in the region. Members range in size from major international corporations headquartered on the South Shore to small local firms and sole proprietorships. For additional information on the Chamber, please visit or call 781-421-3900.

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