SPAT Pitches In To Help Shellfishermen And Their Families

The nonprofit organization Shellfish Tasting And Promotion (SPAT), which hosts the Wellfleet Oyster Fest each year, has established the Wellfleet Shellfish Harvester Relief Fund to support Wellfleet’s shellfishing families with essential household expenses (rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.) during times of crisis. 

SPAT has invested $50,000 into this fund, which will be administered by the Lower Cape Outreach Council. This fund is available for Wellfleet shellfishermen and women who are making the majority of their income from harvesting shellfish. The maximum amount available per individual is $600 and per family is $900. Applicants may utilize the fund twice in a calendar year subject to the availability of remaining funds. 

For more information visit

In addition, the SPAT Community Food Share Program has to date helped 23 shellfishermen and women in the amount of $12,600. 

“The intent for our Community Food Share Program was to help move product during the crisis but we are only capturing a portion of the shellfish that could be sold at this time,” said Michele Insley, SPAT executive director.  “Hopefully as the U.S. begins to reopen these sales channels will strengthen and/or people will consider buying shellfish at their local fishmonger or direct mail to prepare at home.”

An estimated 6,600 oysters and 14,450 clams have been distributed to 14 community kitchens, assisted living facilities and restaurants so they may cook hot meals for the most needy in our community.

If you are a commercially licensed Wellfleet shellfish harvester and would like to participate, visit to add your name to the list. 



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