Tips For Working Remotely: Does Your Home Office Work?

So here we go, all of the sudden we have to work from home full time.

I am an IT guy, I use my computer all the time.  Working from home should be no problem.

Day one. Hmmm… Why am I not motivated to work?  Why am I not efficient?

Time to hit YouTube and check out “home office setups.”  Lots of good inspirational stuff here regarding working from home.

Time to make some changes.

My home office is actually not conducive to efficiently working.  What do I need to do to fix that?
I never looked into ergonomics before.  I’ve got to raise my monitors to a higher level and get a new chair!

I look around my office….it is a mess and not inspiring to work in.
Clean the office.  Hang motivational wall art. Get new blinds. It makes a difference!

Get a new chair and move monitors up. Did I mention that? This is good and getting better.

Make sure my phone is all set. I have a headset and it’s working. Now I am efficient.

Still, there are things to do. Order a new desk. Setup my iPad right next to me and use that for video chats and meetings. Make sure I have the right coffee cup and it is full. The more the better!

Security is a thing!  I can’t forget that.

Make sure I don’t have local admin rights on my home computer.  Do I have antivirus?  Am I updated?

All these things are confirmed to be done before I login remotely to my work PC.

Lock my computer when I leave my workstation at home for security.

I still have more to do, but the home office is working much better now.

I’m an IT guy and this was a lot of work. How is everyone else doing?

Joel Morgan is operations manager at I.T.WORKS! Managed IT Services.

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