When Someone Believes In You, You Begin To Believe, Too

In today’s world of human interaction, whether it is in business or daily life, trust and authenticity are more essential than ever. While we are all inherently social beings, my experience has shown me that women often handle their social interactions differently than men. Women tend to communicate more from the heart which leads to women encouraging women. There is an affinity among women and when we are together, everyone benefits and amazing things happen.

Although women have a strong camaraderie with each other, often we are working independently, are in transition or maybe we just have not found the “right” group to connect with. Since its creation in 2017, the Cape Cod Women’s Association has been Cape Cod’s premier social organization with the aim for women to broaden our personal and professional relationships. We welcome all women – homemaker, entrepreneur, employee, retiree, educator, washashore, etc.! The truth is that every woman inspires another, even when she does not realize it. We all have our own story and that story can and does resonate with others. When we share our interests, aspirations, and experiences with one another, we find similarities and opportunities. CCWA offers a dynamic platform for women to share our stories, learn from each other, laugh with each other, and support one another.

CCWA is a nonprofit membership organization managed by volunteers. Dinner meetings are held once a month with a local woman as the guest speaker. Some of our past speakers include Lisa Oliver, president and CEO of The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod; Meghan Murphy, founder of The Kindness Rocks Project; Sarah Swain, founder and president of Cape Wellness Collaborative; Nicole Donovan, author of “A Life Suspended,” and the list goes on. Each one of our guest speakers share their story of accomplishments, challenges and about making a difference in our community. 

Community is fundamental for CCWA and we embody this by collaborating and connecting with local businesses and organizations. Partnering with The Cape Cod Foundation, we offer a scholarship program for local women, who are at least 25 years old and who are starting or returning to college to pursue a degree or certification. Since 2017, we are proud to say the program has awarded 12 women with scholarships. This fund is primarily supported by local businesses that purchase a Sponsorship. Each sponsor receives access to CCWA’s social media platforms, complimentary memberships and other benefits. CCWA also collaborates to provide women focused workshops with local organizations, including SCORE, WE CAN, and Cape Women’s Coalition. CCWA believes that together we can all do more, go further, and create positive ripples that benefit us all.


A benefit for a CCWA member is the opportunity to give a 10-minute Member Spotlight presentation. Even women who have never spoken in front of a group before have shared their story. They spoke because they felt comfortable in a space where women support women. This is just one reason why CCWA’s membership continues to exceed 100 women. The word is out that women can be authentically themselves, socialize and grow with CCWA. 

In addition to providing a safe and comfortable social setting, other membership benefits include reimbursement for a professional or personal development course, complimentary use of CCWA’s Zoom account, access to the Facebook page and a private members only group. Due to the current health situation, we have temporarily discontinued in-person meetings and are currently developing other creative ways to keep members connected with each other.

CCWA offers so much more than the typical networking group. We are a social group, open to all women. With CCWA, connections happen organically and relationships are based on authenticity and trust. We are a group of women who support each other, lift each other up and celebrate with each other. When CCWA members come together, amazing things happen to us all! 

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our in-person or virtual events. 

Katri Mullaly is president of Cape Cod Women’s Association. For more information visit CCWA on Facebook www.facebook.com/CCWACapeCod and www.ccwacapecod.org  or email ccwacapecod@gmail.com 


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