Best Places to Work Honoree 2022

Organization Name: Brabo Payroll
Address: 65 Cordage Park Cir Suite 120, Plymouth, MA 02360
Phone: (508) 310-8978
Contact Email:
Describe in detail the culture of the company and a recent experience supporting that.
I have not worked for Brabo very long, but it has been a great transition for me. I took a leap of faith coming to this company because I truly believed in the growth of the company and the potential to learn. I heard many positive things about the company from current staff as well as clients of Brabo's. It was refreshing to hear about a positive work environment and helpful staff.
Has the company/organization offered rewards or incentives for great customer service or a positive employee attitude?
We mainly work off of commissions, but Brabo constantly purchases lunch for the staff, had a masseuse at the office, gives us "mental health" time off and always has something fun going on that the staff can join in on. You don't feel like a corporate number here.
Does the organization offer training for levels of advancement? Is there room for growth?
One of the reasons I came to this company was because of the growth potential. I have watched the staff grow within the last two years and I love the fact that they embrace growth and don't hold you back. If you want to take on a project or learn something new, they encourage you to try it. It's nice being able to feel like you have a voice.
Does this organization promote from within, or hire outside when looking for employees?
I know that this company does both. They are always looking to hire new people for many positions, but the staff has the power to grow. If you are motivated and a go-getter, you are noticed. You would never be held back here, but you have to work to get to where you want to be.
Provide an example of how this organization has recently gone above and beyond for an employee, team or client/customer.
One thing that I have noticed within my time here, is that it's a BIG deal when a staff member passes an exam, certification or achieves a large goal. Brabo provides the material to get certified in many areas that can help the growth of our career. We have had a good amount of staff members pass multiple certifications and Kevin makes sure you are recognized by the team.
Communication is key, how effective is the organization at communication with their employees and/or client/customer? *
Communication is ALL THE STAFF DOES! Whether on a zoom call, chatting over our desks, calling another department, or slacking messages all day. Brabo staff is in constant communication with one another. We have company phones that also help everyone stay connected.
In what ways does the organization give back to their community? Please provide an example.
Again, as I continue to see and learning a lot about the company, its obvious that community is a large aspect of this company. What I do know is that Brabo is involved in A LOT of charities, events, and fundraisers, and even hosts its own events that raise money for different causes. I have never heard of a company that is more involved in the general public than Brabo. It's also exciting as a staff member to always be invited and involved in these events.
Are you actively hiring/recruiting outside your organization?
We are always looking for new members to add to our growing team