Christopher Trapp
Cape and Plymouth Business Media Logo Circle

40 Under 40 Class of 2021!

Honoree Name: Christopher Trapp
Company: Orleans Auto Supply
Career background / highlights: My experience includes automotive sales, automotive service and automotive parts sales management. I got into the automotive industry because of my parents, who met while working at Chris Bullock Toyota in Hyannis. When I was young, my dad was always rotating through cars as he bought and sold them including Shelby GT500’s, lots of Corvettes, Mercedes SL’s, Trans-Ams. I’m a major car nut, but the dynamics of the automotive industry can be really stimulating if you’re a business savvy person.
Community commitment: Treasurer, United States Snowboard Race Team; volunteer, Boston Athletic Association/ Boston Marathon. At the marathon, my team loads mobility impaired athlete’s equipment and helps organize the chaos of getting everyone to the proper bus. As the lead elite runners catch slower athletes, who start ahead of them, I steer them to the side of the road so everyone has a free path to get down the course. I’m one of only a small group of volunteers who sees the whole course on race day.
Favorite professional moment: Traveling to Washington D.C. to meet with lawmakers to discuss the automotive right to repair.
Who is your role model / mentor? My father, Robbie Trapp for his entrepreneurial spirit, always searching where the most opportunity is and chasing it down relentlessly. Also my brother, Michael Trapp, for following his dream to be a competitive snowboarder (he competed in Parallel Giant Slalom at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea). He’s a rockstar.
What mistake has taught you the most? I missed a connecting flight in Cincinnati, Ohio because after landing I incorrectly assumed I was on Central time instead of Eastern. The little details missed in the heat of the moment can really ruin your day!
What one book has impacted your life? “Slaughterhouse- Five” by Kurt Vonnegut
What is your superpower? An encyclopedic knowledge of cars.
Where can you be found on the weekends? Riding my bike with friends, road-tripping to visit family and friends, snowboarding.