Meaghan Mort
Cape and Plymouth Business Media Logo Circle

40 Under 40 Class of 2021!

Honoree Name: Meaghan Mort
Company: VNA of Cape Cod/OllieUp! Inc.
Career background / highlights: CNA from 2005-2015; LPN 2015-current; founded OllieUp! Inc. in 2018 to help support Newborn Intensive Care Unit families during extended NICU stays.
Community commitment: Member of Cape Cod Women for Change; committee person on the Barnstable Human Services & Housing Committees; Women's Reproductive Health & Housing advocate; volunteer for The Boxer Rescue Inc, S.N.O.R.T Rescue Team, MSPCA.
Favorite professional moment: Not a single one (this is certainly a highlight), but maintaining calm during patient care crises in the workplace.
Who is your role model / mentor? Julie Grantham, LPN (former coworker) who modeled the behavior that I continue to wish to see in a nurse.
What mistake has taught you the most? Being terminated from a job I loved for tardiness as a CNA.
What one book has impacted your life? One? So many. “Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man” by Susan Faludi and “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo were two relatively recent reads that taught me quite a bit... I've never forgotten “Perdido Street Station'' by China Mieville, “Black Unicorn” by Tanith Lee and “The Long Hard Road Out of Hell” by Marilyn Manson.
What is your superpower? Holding desperately onto hope and maintaining optimism while trying not to drown in apathy.
Where can you be found on the weekends? If I'm not at work, possibly at a fundraiser for OllieUp!, spending time with my family, or studying (semester/class dependent).