Best Places to Work Honoree 2022

Organization Name: Paul J Cazeault & Sons Roofing
Address: 1031 Main Street, Osterville, MA 02655
Phone: (508) 428-1177
Contact Email:
Describe in detail the culture of the company and a recent experience supporting that.
The culture at the company is connected. Everyone feels accepted, valued, and has a sense of belonging. We are able to share ideas and work together easily.
Has the company/organization offered rewards or incentives for great customer service or a positive employee attitude?
Yes. The ownership often finds a way to show appreciation towards all employees. From constant gestures to bonuses - I know many people that have been rewarded for their positive attitude and results.
Does the organization offer training for levels of advancement? Is there room for growth?
Absolutely. I went to a training in Atlanta this winter and I know my co-workers are constantly being signed up for training and courses. There is always someone that is participating in different events, and everyone is being given an opportunity for growth.
Does this organization promote from within, or hire outside when looking for employees?
Yes, I was promoted within the organization. I know at least 2 more people that got promoted within.
Provide an example of how this organization has recently gone above and beyond for an employee, team or client/customer.
Just recently a customer got additional work complimented and not billed. The standards at this company are always to do right by the customer so it had happened many times that if something additional comes up - our crews get it done right and the homeowner often gets a discount, or the work gets complimented.
Communication is key, how effective is the organization at communication with their employees and/or client/customer? *
The most effective from all of the places that I have worked. The ownership's door is always open, and I do not know a single person that feels intimidated or is not welcome to communicate with the ownership. We have weekly meetings for the different departments. Employees are always encouraged to share their opinion and their opinion is valued. There is so much effort ensuring effective communication between employees and with the customer as well. The ownership is always looking to implement new systems or ways to ensure there is always improvement in that matter.
In what ways does the organization give back to their community? Please provide an example.
Yes, as far as I know, we participate in Habitat for Humanity projects.
Are you actively hiring/recruiting outside your organization?