Best Places to Work Honoree 2022

Organization Name: Road to Responsibility
Address: 1831 Ocean Street, Marshfield, MA 02050
Phone: (781) 834-1300
Contact Email:
Describe in detail the culture of the company and a recent experience supporting that.
The RTR culture of care – for both its clients and staff – is one of respect, gratitude, and opportunity. We promote a positive work/life balance by offering full-time as well as flexible opportunities at our more than 50 locations across the South Shore to provide employment options that are close to home and with schedules that work for each employee. We believe that our motto “Making lives better, one person at a time” extends not only to our clients but to our employees as well. As an example of the commitment to the work that we do, two of our human service workers volunteered to complete an around-the-clock two-week shift at one of RTR’s male group homes during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide care and support for several residents who had active cases of the virus. Asked why they would volunteer to remain in a home where a highly contagious virus has been confirmed, they offered similar responses of “we know these residents and that they are afraid, so we’re here for them.” We believe that speaks to our culture of care and commitment.
Has the company/organization offered rewards or incentives for great customer service or a positive employee attitude?
In addition to consistently providing the highest level of service to clients, our amazing staff met the many challenges we were faced with resulting from the pandemic and were more than deserving of the two salary increases RTR gave in 2021. Recruitment, retention, and referral bonuses are offered on an ongoing basis. Our “employee impressions” program provides employees and supervisors the opportunity to recognize and show appreciation for colleagues’ achievements, teamwork, etc. We also have a robust Employee Recognition program which delivers 30 prizes each month to deserving Employees.
Does the organization offer training for levels of advancement? Is there room for growth?
RTR fosters growth opportunities for employees to progress in their careers and to advance within the organization. Our unique in-house Management Training Institute offers professional development training, providing specialized leadership skills to employees seeking their next career challenge. We also offer a variety of paid certifications. We recognize the high cost of a college education and offer discounted tuition rates for employees to take undergraduate classes at Massachusetts state-supported schools. In addition, RTR has established relationships with Southern New Hampshire University and Endicott College to help further the education of our motivated workforce. The SNHU relationship provides access to deeply discounted online bachelor’s degree opportunities through their College For America program for all RTR Employees and their families. In addition, RTR will pay for up to 10 full-time employees at a time to earn their bachelor’s degrees through SNHU. Similarly, we will pay for virtually all expenses for up to 10 employees at a time to earn a master’s degree in autism studies and ABA through Endicott College’s Van Loan Graduate School.
Does this organization promote from within, or hire outside when looking for employees?
RTR demonstrates a strong commitment to its employees, taking every opportunity to promote from within. In fact, several staff members have been a part of the team since the organization was founded in 1988 and 23% of staff have been with the organization for more than 10 years. With over 50 locations, there is always the prospect of a new experience, challenge, and accomplishment available and attainable for our valued employees.
Provide an example of how this organization has recently gone above and beyond for an employee, team or client/customer.
RTR honored long-time client Alec Howe, affectionately known as the “Mayor of Plymouth” last summer by naming the lobby of its Plymouth OPTS (Opportunities for Positive Transitional Services) program in his memory. The event followed Alec’s death in February of 2021. Family members and RTR staff were on hand during the ceremony and in honor of Alec’s favorite color and snacks, the lobby was festooned in a sea of red with Coca-Cola and a variety of tasty “junk” food served. Staff members shared many memories of Alec, reminiscing about his great sense of humor, and his enjoyment of daily walks, shopping excursions, and keeping up with local Plymouth happenings.
Communication is key, how effective is the organization at communication with their employees and/or client/customer? *
We have a variety of internal- and external-facing newsletters (HR, Diversity, and overall organizational themes) that get distributed regularly electronically and in print, while also blending in-person and electronic communications to keep our workforce abreast of important issues in the organization. We utilize a variety of tools (Google Meet, Slack, Zoom, and our payroll system) to augment more traditional corporate communication approaches. We know that “life happens.” We consistently communicate this message by offering employees the flexibility to take advantage of a career with RTR that takes into account their changing circumstances. While our employee standards are and always will be high, we recognize the need to “go with the flow.”
In what ways does the organization give back to their community? Please provide an example.
RTR supports, sponsors, and volunteers at a variety of community events and activities in our large service area. As an example, staff and individuals from our Plymouth and Taunton day programs have recently partnered with the Plymouth and Taunton fire stations to support Ukraine donation efforts. We are very active with organizations such as various Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis, and local schools to demonstrate the reality that we are true contributors to the communities we serve and not just a charitable group that expects to receive from them. Finally, we have been making Meals on Wheels deliveries to homebound persons in the communities served by our day programs for more than 20 years.
Are you actively hiring/recruiting outside your organization?