110 Fitness Launches App For Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease

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110 Fitness, located in Rockland, has launched a fitness app designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

The 110 Fitness app, offers 18 fitness and wellness categories (including live classes!). Classes include boxing, drumming, kickboxing, meditation, cycling, rowing, speedball, strength, SpinPoi, stretching, tabata, tai chi, vocal work, and yoga. Additionally, the app offers programs such as PARTE (Parkinson’s Art of Expression), which utilizes the techniques of theatre to target the motor and non-motor skills affected by Parkinson’s, as well as PWR!Moves, a Parkinson’s Disease specific skill training program to maintain or restore skills that deteriorate and interfere with everyday movements. The app also offers a guest speaker series.

Brett Miller, owner of 110 Fitness and physical therapist, wanted to create a platform that could reach people worldwide including those who may not have access to a Parkinson’s wellness center in their area. The idea for the app came from 110 Studio’s virtual classes on YouTube to keep individuals with Parkinson’s Disease moving despite the COVID-19 pandemic as certain exercise programs are clinically proven to decrease or the delay the progression of Parkinson’s symptoms.

“We took swift action early on to keep this population moving because we knew we’d see severe deterioration if they stopped moving,” said Miller. “We initially started these videos for our members who could not come into our facility but found that we were reaching individuals with Parkinson’s across the globe. Dozens of participants have expressed their gratitude for our virtual programming because they didn’t have access to a center like ours in their area.”

The 110 Fitness app is available to download from the app store on your Apple or Android device. For more information, email bmiller@110fitness.org or call 781 616 3313.