Agritech startup Trella Technologies develops solution to accelerate revolution of indoor farming

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Massachusetts-based start-up, Trella Technologies, LLC, has created a revolutionary plant training prototype that provides a tangible solution to food deserts and cannabis production.
Conceptualized by mechanical engineer and Trella CEO Aja N. Atwood after struggling to grow tall cannabis plants in a small basement, Trella’s automated plant training system is a transformative solution for farmers and growers with limited space. Using automation, Trella’s U.S. and foreign patent-pending design gently guides plants to grow horizontally vs vertically. Now, lack of height no longer limits growth potential.
“Growers using indoor vertical farming setups are missing out on huge markets,” Ms. Atwood explained. “Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to grow tall plants like hemp, tall strains of cannabis, wheat or tomatoes indoors. Our device and system will help growers increase product offering, lower operating costs, and reduce plant stress and human error.”
“I’ve always wanted to develop something that would really make a difference in the world,” said Andres “Dre” Chamorro III, Vice President of Engineering at Trella. “This is just the beginning but we know our plant training technology will be transformative for farmers, industrial cultivators and even home growers who have limited space or restrictions on the number of cannabis plants they can legally grow at home.”
Atwood and Chamorro recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the agritech startup reach its next production phase. Utilizing the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, Trella is seeking funds to help accelerate the production of units for beta testing by professional farmers and growers.
Through a community outreach initiative called SXG1, Trella will gift their production-ready plant training system to independent growers, including state-registered medicinal cannabis caregivers and non-profit urban farmers serving “food deserts,” to empower the indoor farming community on all levels.
Supporters can make contributions to the advancement of this revolutionary technology and indoor farming system in any denomination at A variety of rewards are available to contributors as a token of thanks for their confidence in Trella.
Trella provides technical, innovative solutions to make indoor and urban farming a sustainable, long-lasting industry. The agriculture industry is changing, and we believe that urban and indoor farming are the future. Trella creates solutions to problems unique to indoor farming in responsible, energy-efficient ways that bolster the global farming community. The first step on that journey is to change the landscape of indoor farming by diversifying what can be grown in that environment. As the industry grows, we’ll grow with it, staying flexible to keep up with agriculture’s exciting future. Visit to learn more.

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