AI in HR: Five Areas to Start

By Karyn Rhodes, VP/Director, Complete Payroll Solutions
Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way companies operate, and a business’ success depends on embracing the collaboration of workers and machines for greater efficiencies, innovation and growth. One area where the investment in AI is particularly valuable is human resources. Here are five ways AI can help free up your resources and transform your HR department for the future.
Recruitment: AI can sort through cover letters, resumes and answers to assessment questions and, leveraging the predictive power of data rather than relying solely on personal observations, can help companies determine in a bias-free way if an individual has the competency for a role and will be a good fit.
Onboarding: AI can free up HR staff and enhance the new hire experience by automating many onboarding processes for new employees with chatbots that can address common questions like about vacation days and other company policies. The bots can also feed information directly to employees as they need it.
Retention: Some platforms use AI to predict the likelihood that an employee will be happy in a position and stay in their job. Armed with this information, companies can identify workers who may be unsatisfied and proactively engage them by soliciting their feedback, offering mentoring or having an open-door policy.
Assessments: HR can use AI to set worker performance objectives and monitor performance based on data and metrics. These assessments can be done automatically, assigning employees “grades” based on their reviews, and can be tracked and measured over time.
Education: Managers can use AI to assess an individual’s specific professional interests and engagement and, when combined with a learning management system, set personalized pathways for training and development based on their skills and additional knowledge required to do the job.
By Karyn Rhodes, VP/Director, Complete HR Solutions, a division of Complete Payroll Solutions.  She can be reached at or 401.332.9325.