Anything But Ordinary: Brie Holmes, Carole’s Flowers And Gifts

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This month, we speak with Brie Holmes, who owns Carole’s Flowers and Gifts in Plymouth, about what makes her business unique. If you have an idea for this feature, please contact

Carole's Flowers and Gifts

What is your background and how did you get interested in the flower business?

I was born and raised in Plymouth, studied hospitality at UMass Amherst and have always worked in the hospitality industry, including as a catering director at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and Bridgewater State University, and event planning at the Marriott in San Diego and at La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. I met my husband, who was born and raised in West Plymouth, when I lived in California. We relocated to Cincinnati for my husband’s job, got married and then decided to come back home to be with family. After learning I was pregnant, my husband asked, “What would your dream job be?” and, of course, I told him. “Working with flowers every day!” Next thing we knew, Carole’s Flowers was listed for sale, and we jumped on the opportunity. 

arrangementTell us about your business!

Carole’s Flowers and Gifts has been in Plymouth for more than 40 years at 373 Court St., right across from Cordage Park. We relocated to 198 South Meadow Rd., near the West Plymouth Airport. We purchased the business in January and haven’t stopped since! Valentine’s Day was such a wonderful and busy holiday and it really helped us get our feet wet. Our next big holiday will be Mother’s Day, and we are so excited. We do everything: funerals/wakes, weddings, events, every-day orders. Our website is (available) 24/7 and we offer same-day delivery.

InteriorWhat is unique about Carole’s Flowers and Gifts?

I focus on customer needs. If you have a favorite flower that you do not see on our website, let me know and I will get it ordered for you. I order fresh flowers daily because I want them to last for at least two weeks when they arrive at your house. We are also a family-owned business. Our son, Jackson, and our golden retriever, Tatum, frequent the store; they love seeing our customers! 

What do you like best about your work?

What I love best is learning every single day. I always order new flowers that I have never seen, and when they arrive it feels like Christmas morning! I watch multiple videos every day with other florists to learn new techniques and tricks. It is important to keep up with the trends, because they are constantly changing in the floral world. My new focus is to eventually ditch the boring glass vases and switch to clay pottery that you can reuse to plant. We currently sell a candle called HyggeLigt. Once the candle burns down, you plant the label and a plant grows in the same container. We absolutely love it and the scents smell unreal. 

Future plans?

My future plan is to continue growing in the South Shore. We want everyone to know about Carole’s Flowers and the value that we offer. She had a great customer base when we purchased the business, but our goal is to triple that number. I also look forward to servicing more weddings and working with wonderful couples every weekend!