Anything But Ordinary: Doreen Lang, Blossom Healing Studio

Our November Anything But Ordinary spotlight is Doreen Lang, founder of Blossom Healing Studio in Norwell.

Tell us about your business. Founded in 2021, Blossom Healing Studio helps extraordinary people achieve impossible goals. Blossom Healing Studio is anything but ordinary. In a program I created called, “Blossom to Bliss,” a step-by-step program which combines Reiki to help people relax and reduce anxiety around changes they want to make, and coaching to help with goal-setting around making those changes, the result is powerful. When our minds are relaxed, we make far better decisions. I help people who want to make changes in their personal life or start or grow a business but don’t know Blossom Healing Studiowhere to start. The unique combination of Reiki and coaching yields extraordinary results.

How it began: I had a personal experience that stopped me in my tracks and led me to quit my position as COO and create Blossom Healing Studio to help others who want to make positive changes but don’t know where to start.

Who are your clients? My clients are men and women (40-85 years old) who feel stuck and want help making positive changes. Many come to me asking, “Empty-nest? What’s next?” Some people want help after losing a loved one, moving on from a break up, or starting a new business. I work a lot with empaths, or people who care too much and have put their lives on the back burner to take care of others, who are finally focusing on their own happiness. All my clients are ready to design a life they want, not live one by default. Transformation is the only objective.

Background and education: I have a bachelor of science degree in education, a master’s in business, am a Ph.D. candidate, and a Certified Reiki Master. I have been coaching for more than 25 years in executive roles. I am the author of three books and the “Hang on to Your Stars” series for leaders and managers on how to retain employees through coaching and best practices. I am currently working on a new book about the results of my program, which includes true stories around the successes of my clients and the psychic world, which comes in very unexpectedly. I have also spoken publicly on “The Empath Survival Guide” and
“Authenticity is your Superpower.” 

What do you like best about your career? I love what I do. I love seeing my clients succeed and grow every day in all sorts of ways. I consider myself in the service business and I work to serve, not to please. Helping people make life changes and providing them with the support and guidance they need tells me every day I am on the right seat on the bus. To see my clients, relax with Reiki, have fun, laugh, cry, and experience great change and tremendous joy by setting goals and moving their life-needle forward towards happiness, brings me great pleasure.

Future plans? Although I currently provide Reiki and coaching in my studio in Norwell, I plan to go international through Zoom and other virtual platforms. Combining Reiki, meditation and goal setting is effective in person as well as virtually, so using technology allows me to help extraordinary people achieve impossible goals anywhere on the planet.

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