Anything But Ordinary: Explore and Exhale Travel Concierge

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Who needs a travel agent in these book-your-own days for airlines, lodging and tours? 

Kathie Ballerini feels that travel companies can still provide a valuable service to help travelers negotiate the often complex process of trip planning. Her company is called Explore and Travel Concierge.

Explore and Exhale Travel ConciergeWhat is Explore and Exhale Travel Concierge?  

Founded in 2020, Explore and Exhale Travel customizes vacations to meet clients’ exact preferences. You  can rely on us to create the vacation of a lifetime, whether you dream of relaxing on a pristine beach and sipping a peach margarita, or exploring an entirely new region of the planet. 

What did you do before starting your own company? 

I have been in corporate Human Resources for over two decades. I have a passion for helping people and love to travel, so it just made sense for me to take this path.

 In these days of websites that make it easy for people to book vacations, why is a travel concierge needed?

I am a real person! If you are planning a trip involving multiple flights, hotels and tours, we make sure that all the logistics are coordinated and that your itinerary runs as smoothly as possible.  Best price guarantee: In many cases, we have access to exclusive discounts and deals that are not available online. Special occasion travel: If you are planning a honeymoon, anniversary trip, or any other special occasion trip, we can help you create an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. We help you travel with a disability or medical condition. Most importantly, we provide support during your trip. If you have any problems during your trip, such as a lost passport or a medical emergency, we are there to help you.  

Favorite place you’ve traveled to and why? 

My favorite vacation was the Norwegian Cruise “Pride of America,” which sailed along the major Hawaiian islands. There is no doubt that it is the best way to see Hawaii. 

Future plans? 

As part of my future goals, I plan to host more personalized getaways in the New England area –  for example, retreats, day trips and seasonal getaways. I am constantly seeking talented individuals to join our team. If travel is something you are passionate about, feel free to reach out to me.

Explore and Exhale Travel Concierge
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