Anything But Ordinary: Gallery Owner Helen Addison

This month, we feature art gallery owner Helen Addison, who has owned Addison Art Gallery for 25 years in Orleans.

What does an art gallery owner do?

As a fine art gallery owner, I’ve created spaces where creators and appreciators connect. I continually work to keep the spaces intriguing, deepen connections, and add to our community.

How did you get into this business?

An accomplished artist friend was lamenting that galleries were disorganized and didn’t know how to market. With decades of professional marketing experience as the owner of an award-winning advertising and public relations agency, and a love of art, I saw a fit for my skills and passions. We’re celebrating our 25th season this year.

How do you find artists?

We probably receive over 100 submissions each year from artists wishing to show with Addison Art Gallery. We carefully review each one, as well as keeping an eye on regional and national artists showing promise. We are carefully selective, and strongly committed to the artists we already represent.

What is special about Cape Cod art?

The light. 

The inspirational history. The Cape is home to our nation’s oldest, continually operating art colony, nurtured the bohemians who scattered themselves amidst the woods and along the shoreline, and offered privacy to American’s greatest realist, Edward Hopper.

The supportive artists’ community, from group gatherings at the Addison Art Gallery to Paul Schulenburg’s figure painting sessions.

The market. Year round and seasonal residents who honor our creative community, an unending audience of new visitors delighting in the immense talent found on our peninsula.

Perhaps it all started with the light. And the beauty.

What is the most favorite part of your job?

It is truly a joy to work with the artists I represent, and to develop long standing friendships with so many of our collectors. Perhaps, and all enabled by the patronage of our loyal collectors, my favorite part of the job is sharing the income with worthy non-profits.

We are blessed to live and work on Cape Cod, and my gratitude is abounding.

Addison Art Gallery is located at 43 South Orleans Road, Orleans. For more information, call 508-255-6200 or visit

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