Anything But Ordinary: Meet Duxbury Saltmaker Lily Leedom

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This month, our Anything But Ordinary feature spotlights Lily Leedom, founder of SalterieOne located at 403 Washington St.  in Duxbury.

How did you start in this business?

For me, the idea for SalterieOne started with realizing that sea salt was one element of the food industry that had not yet been transformed to meet consumers’ desire for local, healthy, natural, handcrafted ingredients. So many other categories, such as chocolate, tea, honey and many more, had already evolved with artisanal, small-batch choices from local makers. Then, one summer while I was swimming at my local beach in Duxbury, I wondered whether I could make sea salt from the waters right here in my own backyard. So, I essentially started out testing how to make sea salt in my own kitchen, bringing the salt water home in buckets. That’s when my idea became a reality. 

Describe what you do.

At SalterieOne, it’s our mission to enrich people’s cooking, eating and life experiences by hand-harvesting pure sea salt — the most ancient, essential mineral — from the fresh waters of Duxbury Bay. We delicately nurture our Classic Sea Salt straight from the bay. We offer it in its purest form and as part of our custom-made seasoning blends. We are excited to share that we recently opened our showroom, where we host a fun Sea Salt Tasting Experience and other special events. It’s located on the same campus as Island Creek Oyster Farm. 

lily91746A33 48CB 4AA8 AADA 184F7FB00668What is so special about the salts you make?

SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt is made by slow-simmering pure sea water and filtering it down to less than 5 microns. Our salt harvesters then carefully nurture it into flakes. We have created this special process to yield delicate, feathery flakes that pinch easily and melt on your tongue. Our sea salt is free of additives and full of flavor, offering a vibrant, fresh taste to any dish.

What are your products?

Our products include SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt; two original seasoning blends, the Seasonal Collection which highlights the flavors of winter, spring, summer and fall, and the Compass Collection inspired by culinary trends across the globe, featuring two blends so far, North and South. We also have gifts, including a seasonal sea salt sampler, a seasonal salt subscription set, unique saltware and more.

What do you like about owning your own business?

My favorite thing about owning my business is the connections. I have made so many wonderful connections with people through our shared love of good food, a healthy lifestyle and a desire to create something special. I also love the connection to nature and the sea. We have a beautiful water view from our salt workshop and I am thankful every day for the gift of saltwater and fresh salty air. The “One” in SalterieOne embodies the spirit of connectivity to one another and to nature. There are so many things I like about owning this business! 

For more information, call 781-257-6044 or visit

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