Barnstable County Real Estate: Volume Of Sales, Value Rose In May

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Barnstable County Register of Deeds John F. Meade reports that the volume of real estate sales in May 2021 was up 74 percent from May 2020 volume and the total value of sales was up 146 percent from the previous year.  The median individual property sale value was up 30.1 percent from the previous year.  There was a 14.3 percent increase in the volume of mortgage activity from May 2020 levels.

Year to date volume of sales is up 35.9 percent; total value of sales is up 78.4 percent; individual sales value is up 23.1 percent; and mortgage volume is up 53.3 percent.

Meade said 743 deeds recorded at the Barnstable Registry of Deeds in May 2021 with stated sales values above $50,000, representing a stated value of $539,586,031 in countywide real estate sales. Based on all property sales valued above $50,000, the median sale price of property in Barnstable County in May 2021 was $519,000.

There were 1,771 mortgages recorded with values above $50,000 in May 2021 with a total value of $863,942,371.  The median mortgage amount, commercial, residential or other, was $304,726.