Bay Copy Upgrades Signature Healthcare’s Systems

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Bay Copy of Rockland, a provider of digital document solutions, has entered into a five-year agreement with Signature Healthcare, an integrated healthcare organization that owns Brockton Hospital, Signature Medical Group and the Brockton Hospital School of Nursing, to upgrade its document managed print services programs, with a goal of saving the healthcare system significant funds on its annual costs to generate documents.

Bay Copy’s work will include the replacement and upgrading of 500 machines within the Signature Healthcare group, including copiers and multi-function printers located in both the hospital and all of Signature Healthcare’s ambulatory sites.

“Businesses and organizations typically spend about 3 percent of their annual revenue on document output. So every $1,000,000 of revenue means $30,000 in document generation costs,” explained Ray Belanger, CEO of Bay Copy. “What further drives up the costs of document generation is that many facilities use their high-price IT team to address printing and related actions, further driving up the expense. By streamlining document costs and freeing up the IT teams, there are some substantial savings to be had.”

Belanger said an MPS program typically saves between 10 percent and 15 percent of the actual costs to produce documents by identifying an institution’s current and anticipated printing requirements, analyzing the current printer fleet, and ensuring optimal equipment performance. In the case of Signature Healthcare, the annual savings will reach 21 percent.

“MPS is ideal for medical centers, hospitals and physicians’ offices,” Belanger said. “MPS looks at the cost-per-page page cost as the bottom line, in contrast to the final price point of office equipment.  Its fundamental premise is consideration of all costs associated with leasing/owning and using printing and imaging equipment, including maintenance and ongoing support, which is important for facilities with multiple locations or satellite offices.  Print management software tracks the number of prints each piece of equipment uses and produces reports that help manage for increased efficiencies.”